Indonesia Commits to Eliminate all Forms of Child Labor by 2022

Washington, D.C. The Republic of Indonesia has committed to eliminate all forms of child labour by 2022 to fulfill global development goal pledges, according to the United Nations.

image770x420cropped Photo: ILO/Asrian Mirza.

The Asian country has made progress in tackling child labour, with the number of child workers falling from over four million in 2009, to 2.9 million in 2018. Many are still working on plantations, like this boy.

Watering plants is part of the tasks for the children work at the plantation and agricultural sector in North Sumatra, Indonesia.
Watering plants is part of the tasks of children that work in the plantation and
agricultural sector in North Sumatra, Indonesia. 
Photo: ILO/Asrian Mirza.

image770x420cropped (1)In common with the wider Asia Pacific region, 7.4 per cent of children are working.
This boy in East Java, is making traditional Indonesian chips or crisps.
 Photo: ILO/Asrian Mirza.

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