Israel Santana on the NYC Pride Parade

New York, N.Y. The pride parade is a beautiful celebration that embraces equality for all. The reason for this event is to show that love must be shared and embraced. The first pride parade to be held in New York City was on June 28, 1969. Something I learned from this touching event was that love is a value that should be promoted all year long. The foundation joined the parade to show support to those who lost their lives in the horrific Orlando, Florida mass shooting. Jim Luce, CEO & Founder of the J. Luce Foundation, wanted to honor these victims and show that he felt their pain. What I liked most about the parade was the unity and love showed by everyone who attended. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about the parade. It was one of those special moments you wish won’t end.

It’s my second time going to the pride parade, so I had a background in terms of the event and what to expect. Thanks to the foundation, I had the privilege to experience the parade to its full capacity. I feel that if I didn’t march in the parade, I wouldn’t have felt the sensation of everyone coming together as one. My biggest take away from the parade was that New York City is a place full of individuals that really do care for others, and in times of darkness they shine the brightest.

The biggest obstacle we faced was fighting against the insecurity many people felt because of the Orlando mass shooting. The Young Global Leadership Program for The J. Luce Foundation learned through this process that there are still many men and women who embrace all kinds of people with love and who understand that ultimately, we are all the same.

Israel Santana
Journalism, Events & Social Media "Young Global Leader"at The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation.

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