J. Luce Foundation India to Explore Relationship with Magadh University

Bihar, India. Ranked in the Top 20 of Indian varsity universities, Magadh University is an institution of higher education in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. Providing facilities for higher learning and research in the faculties of science, social sciences, humanities and commerce, it features 44 constituent colleges, 24 post-graduate departments and 85 affiliated colleges.


“I am delighted to have the opportunity and privilege to meet the distinguished faculty and administration of the world renowned Magadh University. We have cooperating relationship with universities around the work, including the United States, Indonesia and Jamaica. I would be honored to create a partnership with Magadh University,” states Jim Luce.

Magadh University is by far the largest university in the province of Bihar, the poorest province in India. 150 teachers work in the university departments and more than 2000 teachers are posted in constituent colleges.


In April, Jim Luceand Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura of the J. Luce Foundation will meet with official of Magadh University, along with the Board of Directors of the J. Luce Foundation India (Facebook). The Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre will open in September and discussions will be underway how to best create a relationship.


Magadh University was established in 1962 by Satyendra Narayan Sinha, an educationist and the then Education Minister of Bihar. K.K. Dutta, a renowned historian, was the founder vice-chancellor. It was established in 1962 with two constituent colleges, 32 affiliated colleges, and seven postgraduate departments.

The university has grown to have 24 postgraduate departments, 44 constituent colleges, and 85 affiliated colleges imparting higher education in Humanities, Social Science, Science, Commerce, Medical, Engineering and Management.


Several professional/vocational courses like M.B.A., M.C.A., B.C.A., B.B.M. Environmental Science, Tourism & Travel Management, Counseling & Rehabilitation, Journalism & Mass Communication, etc. are being run in constituent/affiliated colleges. There are two government Medical Colleges, two private Engineering Colleges, one private Dental College and three Law colleges under the university. Magadh University also provides distance learning facilities.

82589711_129602945193192_5358665338978304000_nPreparing the campus of the Saraswati Luce Leadership Center in Bihar, India.

The university has a multi-storied library, the Mannulal Central Library, besides the department libraries. The central library has about 162,245 books, manuscripts and other reading materials. It has a wide range of ancient and modern literature and books as well as national and international journals.

All the science departments including Psychology and Geography have well-equipped laboratories for teaching and research. Research facilities are available in all the departments. The Science Labs have the modern equipment required for research.


There are eight hostels on campus having accommodation facilities for 1500 students. One girls’ hostel is available to accommodate 150 students. The University Health Centre-cum-Dispensary provides medical facilities to students, teachers and other employees residing on and off campus around the clock. It has the services of three doctors, nurses and supporting paramedical staff.

A branch of Central Bank of India functions on the campus. Likewise, a post office is on campus. A large sports complex is on the campus for outdoor and indoor games, particularly athletic events.


Magadh University is developing a modern Computer Lab to the requirement of MCA teaching. Besides the facilities for practical work in courses at the university headquarters, the constituent colleges have computer and language labs.

unnamed (7)Jim Luce and Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura meeting with
His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, India last fall.

The Luce Leadership Experience 2020 India will coincide with the Red-Ribbon Cutting of the Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre, which will have relations with other Luce Leadership Centres being built in Jamaica, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

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Deepak Agrawal
Deepak "Dip" Agrawal serves as managing director in india at Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre India, Director of Operations at J. Luce Foundation India & Nirvana and Managing director at Ganesha Restaurant Bodhgaya.

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