J. Luce Foundation Young Global Leaders Embark to Jakarta

New York, N.Y. Eight of the Young Global Leaders of the J. Luce Foundation based in New York will travel to both Jakarta (Java) and Manado (North Sulawesi) in Indonesia next week for the foundation’s second Leadership Experience. There, they will meet orphan graduates of Orphans International Sulawesi.

robert-collins-333411-unsplash copyFootball outside Jakarta. Photo by Robert Collins/Unsplash.

“This is a very emotional trip for both me and my son Mathew as we will go back to where he was raised for the first ten months in a Presbyterian orphanage, as well as see the kids that I visited every year as they grew up and are now young adults,” says Jim Luce.

bagus-ghufron-42002-unsplashCentral Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo by Robert Collins/Unsplash.

Last year the J. Luce Foundation Leadership Experience went to Greece, and next year the Experience will feature Jamaica.

muhammad-raufan-yusup-257289-unsplashYoung man in Jakarta. Photo by Muhammad Raufan Yusup/Unsplash.

It began in 1998 with Orphans International Worldwide (www.orphansinternational.org), “Raising Global Leaders,” and was joined in 2008 by the J. Luce Foundation (www.lucefoundation.org), “Supporting Young Global Leadership.”

The J. Luce Foundation (JJDLF) and Orphans International Worldwide (OIW) continue to work together closely. The mottos of the two are ‘Supporting Young Global Leadership’ and ‘Raising Global Leaders’ – through Honor, Intelligence, Integrity, Benevolence, and Stewardship.

29983170_1385441691600476_819534398532568906_o (2)

Bix Luce (Thailand), Executive Director of Orphans International Worldwide
with Chloe Hoang (Vietnam), Executive Director of the J. Luce Foundation,

Mathew Tendean Luce (Indonesia) and Jim Luce at Marietta College in Ohio.
Photo: The Stewardship Report.

Chloe Hoang, Executive Director of the J. Luce Foundation, states:

We are taking 14 participants – 8 students and 4 chaperones – to Sulawesi, Indonesia, home of OIW’s first orphanage – in conjunction with Queens-based, Indonesian-American organization known as “Maesa” (“Unity”). Cultural Orientation from Maesa has already begun for our participants.

The foundation’s 2019 Leadership Experience is being planned with the Hon. Trudy Deans, Consul General of Jamaica to New York, Hon. Dr. Geneive Metzger Brown to Jamaica, former Consul General and Global Advisor, with four students and a professor from Marietta College.

mc_0871Marietta College in Ohio – one of the best liberal arts education in the U.S.

College credit will be available for the first time. Jim Luce will travel to the Caribbean Maritime University in Kingston in October 2018 to coordinate plans on the ground.

CMIXeditX1-640x425Cadets of the prestigious Caribbean Maritime University in Kingston, Jamaica.
Photo: Caribbean Maritime University.

The foundation’s first trip – J. Luce Foundation Leadership Experience: Hellas – took place in June 2017. See HuffPo piece and YouTube video.

19400562_1180090662135581_7467155023435431862_oThe foundation’s first trip – J. Luce Foundation Leadership Experience: Hellas.
Here, Mathew Tendean Luce (Indonesia), Tsewang “Keii” Lhamo (Tibet), and
Israel Santana (Dominican Republic). Photo: The Stewardship Report.

With the motto Raising Global Leaders, Orphans International Worldwide (OIW) is now nineteen years old (1999; we celebrate its anniversary officially from 2000). OIW has worked to support orphaned children in Africa, Asia, and the Americas in a dozen countries. Today, its largest support to its college-aged graduates in Indonesia and the Dalai Lama’s orphanage in India. OIW was recognized globally for its work after the Tsunami of 2004 in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

82d5a5e40f2dd89e50ff4738333b27a8Jim Luce played Santa Claus every years for the children of Orphans
International Sulawesi in Manado, Indonesia more than a decade ago.
Photo: Orphans International Worldwide.

Over the summer of 2016 the foundation enhanced its Internship Program and Executive Committee to empower young global leaders wishing to better humanity to think, write, speak, organize, and utilize social media more effectively. There is a lunch program daily from 1-2:30pm in our office featuring Toastmasters/ Speech & Communications, Lions Club, Stewardship Report, as well as Social Media. Apply here: http://tiny.cc/LuceYGL.

CEAS_outsideLuce(1)-723x527Students outside The Henry Luce Hall for International Studies, Yale University.
Photo: Yale University.

The first OIWW World Congress was held in Bali, Indonesia (2004), the second in Sumatera, Indonesia (2005), the third at Columbia University (2006), and the fourth at NYU (2008), devoted to the theme Health Needs of Children in Developing World. After a hiatus, the next, World Congress V, is planned tentatively for Henry Luce Hall on the campus of Yale University for the fall of 2019.

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