DRAFT – Jim Luce: Exploring a Run for The White House

New York, N.Y. My name is Jim Luce – and I am exploring a run for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Donald Trump says “America First.“ And I say, Hell, No – “Humanity First!“

With the rise of Authoritarian leaders around the world, from Russia to Turkey, the Philippines and Brazil, strong men – bad men – are on the ascent. On the rise, even in France and Germany…

I am passionate about training Young Global Leaders in social justice to counter such extremism. No matter what the issue, the answer lies in our Next Generation: the Progressive Generation.

Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Men like Beto O’Rourke. Following in the footsteps of FDR, JFK, RFK, MLK, and now RBG…

I pledge to bring to Washington my commitment to Young Global Leadership and the solutions these young leaders bring to the complex, global challenges we face today.

Whether the issue is Choice, Climate Change, Healthcare, Gun Control, Prison Reform, the issue is ultimately Human Rights. Women’s Rights are Human Rights. LGBTQ Rights are Human Rights. Rights of people with disabilities are simply Human Rights.

Tax and drug laws need to be overhauled and campaign-finance reform enacted now. How the Republicans can simultaneously gerrymander, suppress votes, and commit voter fraud is beyond me – and, trust me, will end with me.

What do Human Rights look like in America? It is a human right to be educated. To live on a planet that is not dying. To have a roof over your head and food in your stomach.

It is a human right to earn a living wage. To control your own body. To have access to decent health care.

It is a human right not to have your children ripped from your arms at our border. Not to be shot in your own school. And to be able to marry whomever you love.

Things are actually not that complicated. Marijuana should be legalized so it can be taxed like cigarettes. Community colleges should be free like America’s high schools. The Equal Rights Amendment must be passed – now.

America should assure both Israel’s security and Palestine’s long-waited independence. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other nations must play by the norms of civilization or be punished severely.

Domestic foster care must be improved and we must create a balance that allows for families to adopt children in need around the world while ensuring we do not create economic conditions that force mothers overseas to abandon their own babies. It makes no sense there is not a larger bridge between loving families here and abandoned children without hope around the world.

Having worked in the arena of orphan care for over twenty years, I know how tricky this can be. We have an obligation to first fund culturally-appropriate homes abroad and do whatever we can to strengthen them to receive local children. However, UNICEF estimates 120 million orphaned or abandoned children and a balance can be struck for the good of these defenseless kids..

After the great destruction of World War II, we helped write and must continue to honor the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The United Nations, despite its many problems, is the only institution capable of preventing World War III. It was created by some of the greatest minds in American history. We must strengthen, not undermine, this vital organization.

We must further protect this great nation from foreign terrorism, but equally, we must protect ourselves from domestic terrorists. Like our northern neighbor Canada as well as Western Europe, we must have a balance between free speech and hate crime. The Klan, Skinheads, and Neo-Nazis will no longer get a free pass. Fascism of any ilk cannot be accepted in our United States of America.

Private prisons, the pharmaceutical industry, lobbyists including the NRA, and the military-industrial complex will no longer be free to rape and plunder our landscape or our people.

No child needs more than one million dollars to be secure, and inheritance will be capped at that large amount. The rich will claim this is not enough, of course, but we are not an oligarchy – and I will put an end to our ‘1% Rule.’

Speaking of the Billionaire class, it amazes me that robber barons have given themselves a tax break, further ballooning our deficit which is a national security risk making us beholden to China. And then this same Billionaire class wants to cut our Social Security so that America is not forced into bankruptcy…

My friends, we must honor the past, live in the present – and look to the future. I know much of our great nation’s past – and know even more about Young Global Leadership. After 25 years in finance, beginning on Wall Street, I moved to head our family charities focused on this critical priority.

Orphans International, raising Young Global Leaders on three continents, was our first family charity. I was inspired by my mother, a child psychologist, who believed that all children, anywhere in the world, had a right to human dignity.

The J. Luce Foundation, inspired by my father, a French professor, was founded to support Young Global  Leadership. Today, we are building leadership centers from Vancouver to Kingston to Beijing – to train and inspire our Next Generation.

Our New York Young Global Leaders Lions Club brings a commitment of service to humanity and, inspired by Helen Keller, helps fight blindness in America and around the world.

Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, I can get by in several languages. Born and raised Episcopalian, I am familiar with and have a deep appreciation for many faiths while also believing in a strong separation of Church and State. I am a strong supporter of the ACLU, as well as, of course, Planned Parenthood.

I have learned through my travels that people are people – some have good leaders and others very bad… I have learned that every faith cares about widows and orphans – the most vulnerable among us… This commonality alone could lead us to world peace if we would only embrace on it.

When my ancestors arrived on this continent nearly four centuries ago, they simply got off the boat and gave thanks to God for their safe delivery.

Both my adopted son from Indonesia and my Thai husband arrived through the gates of JFK. I know firsthand that obtaining ‘green cards’ was too difficult – we must keep our borders safe but simplify this overly complicated and prohibitively expensive Immigration process.

I was raised in a family that knows leadership. On my mother’s side, the Dudley’s, my great-grandfather twelve times removed — Sir Thomas Dudley — was Third Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and a founder of Harvard.

On my father’s side, Rear Admiral Steven Bleecker Luce, a proponent of Manifest Destiny, founded the U.S. Naval War College – and another side of the Luce family founded Time-Life, with the International Hall at Yale named after the family.

I also believe in Manifest Destiny, but differently than in the 1880’s. I believe it is the Manifest Destiny of the United States to provide moral leadership to the world and be a stand for human rights – to be a beacon of hope in the darkness of growing nationalism. ‘Luce,’ after all, means Light.

Indeed, my family did arrive on the Mayflower, but I was not born with a ‘silver spoon in my mouth’ and, in fact, was raised and educated in the Midwest. In Ohio… I was raised and educated in towns with populations of 20,000 such as Oxford, Marietta and Wooster…

I understand the mindset of Trump supporters and know they are ultimately good people who have been duped. The good people of America I know are not racist, xenophobic nor homophobic. They are not misogynist. They actually know that No means no. They have simply and sadly been duped. They are victims of a scam on a scale never witnessed before. A made-for-TV reality show that is tragically all too real…

Yes, my family arrived to Plymouth Rock, but no matter what ship we came over on – if we are not billionaires, we are all in the same boat now. And we must unite and row together to win back America.

We must continue to protect our borders while offering asylum to those in need, we must safeguard our economy while protecting our environment, we need to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure while creating job growth, we need to end corporate welfare and invest in the arts, we need to be at peace with our neighbors to build prosperity across borders.

Aunque no hablo español tan bien como Beto, y aunque no tengo la experiencia de Kamala o Cory, o el ‘cofre de guerra’ de Elizabeth – creo que TODOS debemos enfrentarnos a Trump. Es por esta razón que estoy explorando la posibilidad de postularme para la oficina de la presidencia del estados unidos.

Although I do not speak Spanish as well as Beto, and although I do not have the political experience of Kamala or Cory — or the war chest of Elizabeth — I believe we must ALL stand up against Trump. It is for this reason I am exploring the possibility of running for the sacred Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

U.S. Rep. Clare Boothe Luce was a congresswoman from Connecticut and the first female American ambassador, posted to Italy. Her husband, publisher Henry Luce, proclaimed on the cover of Time magazine that the 1900’s were the “American Century.”

Donald Trump has tragically destroyed our position in the world today, but I believe we can build it back. What better to build than a wall!

We need balance — between ourselves and China, Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America — as well as our other allies around the world, from Israel and Palestine to Canada and Japan, South Korea to Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

I understand much about the world. Yet I grew up on the edge of Appalachia, surrounded by strip mines. I did my Christmas shopping at Walmart. I worked as a busboy on college break at Denny’s. I know middle America firsthand.

I have painted houses in West Virginia and sailed on the Great Lakes. I have travelled from San Diego to Tijuana, attending conferences in Puerto Rico, Florida and Georgia. I love America more than any other nation in the world. This country, by choice, is my home!

I have flown from Dallas to Denver, Portland to St. Louis. I know the world well, but I know America even better. There is simply no other country where I would rather be.

And I know Americans are decent, hard-working, loving people who do not believe that lying and cheating and paying off prostitutes are traits suitable for our White House. We all know we are better than that…

As president, I would repair both America – and America’s reputation in the world. I would make America great again. I would make America care again.

My name is Jim Luce and I would like your support as I explore running for the Presidency of the United States of America – in short, to support Young Global Leadership in lifting up America by lifting up Humanity. To be in the light that pushes back the darkness that has come to envelop us.

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