Jim Luce: Favorite Essays

Jim Luce has written more than 500 stories in the past four years.  His favorite personal essays are below in alpha order:

  1. Essay: Busy Lives Crossing in Busy Airports
  2. Fifty Lessons Learned from Decade in International Development
  3. First One Orphan, Then Many More (New York Times)
  4. Fleeing the Mob up a Haitian Mountain (BBC)
  5. Essay: Global Heroes as Role Models
  6. Let Us Not Waste The Limited Number of Hours We Have Left
  7. Mayflower Roots – and a Metrocard – Get One on the Subway
  8. My Mother: “God Damn It James, I Raised You Better Than That!”
  9. NYC Gay Pride Parade Unlike Any Other: We Can Marry Now!
  10. Essay: Will a Vow of Poverty Fill the Void In My Soul?


The Editors
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