Jim Luce on Haiti & Haitian-Americans

J im Luce arrived in Haiti on the last day of the last century – New Year’s Eve, 1999.  He stayed in the Oloffson Hotel in Port-au-Prince where he heard the vodoo rock band Ram play – and met the Haitian orphan care expert who would become his first director there.

Series: The New Haiti (2012)

  1. Architects Announce Six Final Plans for Haiti Housing Collaborative
  2. First 100 Global Advisors Join Haiti Int’l. University Center
  3. Haiti Two Years Later: For Many, 10% Better – For Uni Haiti, 20%
  4. Haitian-American Professionals Return to Haiti to Help Post-Quake
  5. International Crowd Gathers for “Uni Haiti” at Upper East Side Gala
  6. Global Advisers of Ambitious Haiti Project Lauded at Foundation Event
  7. Haiti YMCA National Office & Youth Center Open in Port-au-Prince
  8. Join Us in Integrated Approach to Build The New Haiti 
  9. Latino College Students Fund Haitian High School Graduates
  10. NYC’s Japan Americans Fund Haitian Students Dream of International Study
  11. One Year After Earthquake, AIA’s Creative Homes for Haiti 
  12. Small Organization with Big Vision for Haiti           
  13. Small Town America Rallies for Both Haiti and Japan 
  14. The Dichotomy of Haiti: Hell Meets, well, Heaven 
  15. Mountain Bike Haiti: Ecotourism as International Aid 
  16. New University to Rise in Haiti as Higher Education There In Collapse
  17. One Year Ago: Orphans International Worldwide Benefit for Post-Quake Haiti
  18. Private Initiative Marshall Plan Launches for the New Haiti
  19. Rebuilding Haiti thru Partnership: UPenn & Haitian Ministry of Education


Series: The Earthquake (2009-2012)

  1. Eyewitness: Haiti Has Improved Somewhat in Last Two Months
  2. Skype Interview with Josh Silverman on Haiti and Bettering Humanity
  3. Film Shown at U.N. Donor Conference on Collapse of Haiti’s Presidential Palace
  4. Airplane Interview with the American Ambassador to Haiti
  5. Film Shown at U.N. Donor Conference on Collapse of Haiti’s Presidential Palace
  6. Inside the Shantytowns at Haiti’s Ground Zero
  7. U.N. Blue Helmets from Sri Lanka Come to Our Assistance in Haiti
  8. Balinese Natural Birthing Center Threatened by Global Downturn
  9. Dr. Judy on Trauma of Disasters – like Haitian Earthquake
  10. Dr. Lauri Grossman: On Being Human, Becoming Whole
  11. A Songwriter’s Passion for Haiti, Healing and Global Citizenship
  12. Connecting Disaster Relief Through Technology After Earthquake in Haiti
  13. Damon Dash Gallery Hosts Benefit for Haiti
  14. No Word Yet From Our Orphaned Children in Haiti
  15. Haitian Student Reflects on Earthquake and its Aftermath
  16. Orphans International Worldwide Haiti Survives Second Shock in Jacmel             
  17. Haitian Leadership Mentoring Program for Orphans Growing in Leogane 
  18. Top Ten Private Initiatives in Haiti Supplement Big Players in 2010-11
  19. Trip to Haiti #22: Some Changes at Bottom, Same Old Stuff at Top
  20. Two Major Haiti Relief Benefits at NYC’s Historic Webster Hall 

Series: The Arts in Haiti / Haitian-American Art

  1. Film on Haitian Art: In the Eye of the Spiral
  2. Which Publisher in U.S. will Discover Haitian Writer Frankétienne?
  3. Franketienne: Haiti’s First Nobel Laureate – Hopefully
  4. Haiti History & Politics Seen Through Amazing Film of One Big Band
  5. Saving Grace: A Celebration of Haitian Art in New York City 
  6. Surprise at Tribeca Festival: Best Film on Haiti Ever

Series: My Early Years in Haiti (1999-2009)

  1. A Tour of Cité de Soleil on the Edge of Port-au-Prince
  2. Can We Change Perceptions? “The Obscenity of NGOs”
  3. Fleeing the Mob up a Haitian Mountain
  4. Essay: Busy Lives Crossing in Busy Airports – Dr. Jean Pape
  5. Eye on Haiti Photography Exhibit at Yale Club
  6. My First Trip to Haiti: Fear and Empowerment (2001)   
  7. Orphans International Worldwide: One Day of My Life in Haiti                                          
  8. Photographic Archives from Devastating Hurricanes in Haiti
  9. Waking Up to Bright Sunshine at OI Haiti                    

Series: The Haitian Diaspora

  1. One of Many: Diaspora Doctor Continues to Help Haiti
  2. Haitian-American Professionals Returning to Haiti to Help Post-Quake
  3. Hip Hop Saves Lives’ Wan-Luv Summer Music Series in NYC

Series: Microfinance in Haiti

  1. Zafèn Haitian Microfinance Effort Engages Haitians to Forge a New Future
  2. Zafen Microloan Program for Haitian Businesses Announced at NYC Launch
  3. Zafèn: Redefining “Interest” in the Changing World of Microfinance
  4. Zafèn: New Interest-Free Microloan Initiative Launched for Haiti
  5. Something Good in Haiti: Zafèn Attracts $276,000 in First Nine Months
  6. Fonkoze: Haitian Diaspora Unites Across U.S.
  7. Fonkoze Helps Rebuild Haiti through Microfinance Following Earthquake

Series: Live from Léogâne (Post-earthquake in 2010)

  1. Live from Leogane: College Prep Leadership Training Begins for Orphan Mentors
  2. Live from Leogane: Orphans Int’l. Partners with Haitian School Founded by Orphan
  3. Live Report: No Spiders to Bite Me in My Pre-Dawn Haitian Shower
  4. Live Report: 200 Haitian Earthquake Survivors Interviewed for 10 Chinese Scholarships
  5. Live Report: Tremendous Progress Accomplished in Six Long Haitian Days
  6. Live Report: Orphans International Worldwide Goes Live in Leogane, Haiti
  7. Live Report: Cement Dust Coats All of Haiti, as 9/11 Dust Coated New York

Series: Haitian History

  1. Jean-Claude Duvalier: His Place in Haitian History              

For the complete listing of thematic stories, see Jim Luce Writes

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