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J im Luce became involved with international development after he had established an orphanage in North Sulawesi, Indonesia and then, post-Tsunami, sent his team 3,000 miles west to Banda Aceh.  He arrives a few weeks later.  This was the beginning of his involvement with international development.

  1. Orphans International Worldwide: Embracing Family Care For Orphans
  2. Helping Women: Eliminating Obstetric Fistula in Developing World
  3. Traveling as Press vs. NGO Head: Same Adventure
  4. First ‘Davos’ for Women’s International Development in NYC
  5. Dr. Judy on Trauma of Disasters – like Haitian Earthquake

The Asia and the Middle East Roundtable included Sakena Yacoobi and Zainab Salbi.

  1. Failed States: Index Quantifies that Feeling in My Gut
  2. How Much Can be Accomplished on a Shoestring Budget
  3. Can the World’s Poorest Girls Save the MDGs?
  4. Fifty Lessons Learned from a Decade of Service in International Development
  5. Gates Foundation’s Ignacio Mas On eFinance in the Developing World
  6. Hip Campaign from World’s Oldest Humanitarian Program
  7. HuffPo Interview with the Red Cross Secretary General in Geneva
  8. Daily Kos Interview with Secretary General of International Red Cross
  9. Japan Relief: Where to Give? I Suggest Tokyo’s Waseda University

For the complete listing of thematic stories, see Jim Luce Writes.

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