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Jim Luce traveled to Indonesia in 1995 where he encountered an orphanage — and an orphan named Mathew — that would change his life.  Through the persistence of his mother, Jim went on to found Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) in 1999.

  1. New York Times Essay: First One Orphan, Then Many More
  2. Orphans International Movement to Help Kids Around the World
  3. Janusz Korczak Helped Inspire Me to Build Orphans International
  4. Viewpoint: Stress on Liberal Education for Orphaned Children
  5. A Special Project – Orphaned Kids Raising Orphaned Cats

With children orphaned by Hurricaine Jeanne in Gonaïves, Haiti.
  1. Orphans Around World Look up to Silicon Valley Prodigy
  2. Juvenile Products Chain ‘Giggle’ Makes Christmas Merry for Haitian Orphans
  3. Riding the Tiger: The Creation of Orphans International Worldwide
  4. The Rotary International Connection
  5. Orphans International Worldwide: Global Heroes as Role Models
  6. Exploring Possibilities to Work with Orphaned  Children in Togo, West Africa
  7. Orphans International Worldwide: Raising Global Citizens
  8. Orphans International Worldwide Sixth Annual Benefit with Peter Yarrow
  9. Orphans International Worldwide: Disaster Relief
Series on “Family Care” (Kids with Aunts, Grandparents, etc.)
  1. Orphans International Worldwide: Embracing Family Care For Orphans
  2. Orphans International Worldwide: Ending Orphanages Globally
Series on OIWW Haiti (Gonaïves & Jacmel)
  1. Eyewitness: Haiti Has Improved Somewhat in Last Two Months
  2. U.N. Blue Helmets from Sri Lanka Come to Our Assistance in Haiti
  3. Latino College Students Fund Haitian High School Graduates to Prepare for Chinese University
  4. Live from Leogane: College Prep Leadership Training Begins for Orphan Mentors
  5. Live from Leogane: Orphans International Partners with Haitian School Founded by Orphan
  6. Live Report: 200 Haitian Earthquake Survivors Interviewed for Ten Chinese Scholarships
  7. Live Report: Tremendous Progress Accomplished in Six Long Haitian Days
  8. Live Report: Orphans International Worldwide Goes Live in Leogane, Haiti
  9. Live Report: Cement Dust Coats All of Haiti, as 9/11 Dust Coated New York
  10. NYC’s Japan American Association Funds Haitian Students Dream of International Study
  11. Orphans International Movement to Help Kids Around the World – Including Haiti
  12. Haitian Leadership Mentoring Program for Orphans Growing in Léogâne
  13. Making Christmas Merry for Haitian Orphans
  14. First Orphans International Child Passes Away; Organization In Mourning
  15. One Year Ago: Orphans International Worldwide Benefit for Post-Quake Haiti
  16. Orphans International Worldwide: One Day of My Life in Haiti
Series on OIWW Indonesia – Sumatera
  1. Life Carries On For Tsunami Orphans of OI Worldwide
  2. Interview with a Tsunami Orphan – The Story of Fandi
  3. Orphans International Worldwide: Our First Teenager – Bahrizal
  4. Tsunami Saint – New Yorker Opens Heart & Indonesian Orphanage
  5. Airlines Applauded as Our Tsunami Docs Return from New Orleans
  6. After the Tsunami: The Campus of Orphans International Worldwide Sumatera
  7. Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami Docs of Orphans International
  8. Orphans International Worldwide: Children of Aceh Thank the World
  9. Orphans International Worldwide: The Tsunami Arrives, OI Sumatera Begins
Series on OIWW Sri Lanka – Unawantuna
  1. In Sri Lanka: Orphans International Worldwide Continues

Series on OIWW Events & Symposiums in NYC

  1. At the UN: Co-hosting Conference on World Peace, Health and Culture
  2. Damon Dash Gallery Hosts Benefit for Haiti
  3. Eye on Haiti Photography Exhibit at Yale Club

For the complete listing of thematic stories, see Jim Luce Writes.

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