Sight of Life

L earning how to write a professional script, I found it necessary  to add a heroes journey to my story. In a glimpse the word ¨doctor¨came into thought . It was fundamental to cast a matrix peak of mounds and climaxes . The utmost pinnacle of life is transformation through our mistakes and fears. I concluded the chain of renewal revolution unifies. The unaccustomed version of your actuality modifies your hidden true state of conscience.  I didn’t know how to write a professional script opting to self teach, transfiguring into something I didn’t superficially know I was suited to achieve. Viewed by society the reaction was heart warming, fear is the truth behind beingness and this goes for everything and everyone. 


88D42CBC-BBAE-42A5-A9DC-D818153E9609Choroderemia became a subject of interest, it is a progressive vision loss condition transmitted from mother to son. “Blind,” was the the second word to materialize, immediately I hit the google search button and to my surprise America, has a few excellent and profesional blind doctors practicing medicine . My Initial reaction was to write down one of the doctors  information I found online , which lead into a prompt and short phone conversation with Dr. David Hartman. 

¨Everyone is handicapped in some way, Lina…you should read my book White Coat, White Cane, ¨ was one of Dr. David Hartman statements, I must admit these simple words struct me from spine to nerves. I remember sitting down recollecting all my handicaps with sincere note. His words beautified all the unbalances  in my life. 

Dr. David Hartman is a physiatrist, he was diagnosed with Glaucoma and lost his eyesight at the age of eight. David was rejected from nine universities. Temple University in Philadelphia granted his doctorate in Medicine. 

Inspired by Dr. Hartman, I came across with heartening life stories, Such as Mark Ravin, head of department of anesthesiology in NYU and  Spencer Lewis, who regardless of becoming  blind, he believed he could continue practicing medicine by challenging the medical field decision of giving up his career. 

As I continued writing my script, my perception of life intensified as if I was the character living the story, which at the end, I  realized without realizing, it was indirectly my life story. I must admit I did not have mental peace for a while, loving every bit of the breakdown. Rewiring new concepts uplifted my soul by halting an important life lesson. The permission to dream is immeasurable and possible and that is something we should not loose sight of. 

Lina Escobar
Studied neuro-muscular studies at Staten Island College. Lina Escobar, is a member of the J. Luce Foundation Global Leadership Initiative. She is originally from Palmira, Colombia. When Lina-attended BMCC, she was the first person to open a branch Lions Club. “MiraVe”, Lions Branch Club provided breakfast to underprivileged children in her hometown. From reading to the elderly, volunteering in the ER department ,and planting 5,000 pine trees in Marine Park, writing collaborations with Colombian writers and directors have been rendered through a program provided by the embassy of Colombia in New York.

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