NYC Fashion: Launching in the World of Wearable Art

Unknown-6-1024x651The limited edition silk scarves with the original painting, “Tinkerbell.”  
All photos by Jemal Countess courtesy of Getty Images.

New York, N.Y. For a lucky group the evening of November 8, 2018 was a rare chance to be part of a new chapter in the career of artist Peter Reginato and celebrate his partnership with couture cat-walk maven and now designer, Daniela Zahradnikova.  Their work together, under the umbrella of DZ Zone NYC, is a foray into wearable, true art.

Unknown-669x1024Peter Reginato and DZ Zone NYC founder Daniela Zahradnikova.

The enthusiastic visitors took turns trying on the scarves and carrying the handbags, excited at the chance to not only view but wear the work of an artist found in collections at The Met, The Smithsonian, The Butler Institute of American Art, Hirshhorn Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston , The Palm Springs Museum of Art and The Whitney Biennials, to name a few.  The yellow background and whimsical color combinations on the handbags, in particular, recalls the innate “color sense” identified by art critic Piri Halasz and vibrancy that inspired National Endowment of the Arts Fellow John Yau to devote a piece entirely to Reginato’s work.  His creativity paired with Zahradnikvoa’s fashion design sense is a combination that stands out from the crowd.

Unknown-2-821x1024Carolina Real.

The location of the launch was an additional peek into a world most do not get to see.  Reginato’s working studio/apartment located in Greenwich Village, where he has been for decades is one of the few remaining iconic artist spaces from the bygone days of that art scene.  Across the street from Hermes and Halston Vintage, one can still find canvas being stretched, paint being mixed and splattered, the lively behind-the-scenes life of art, just an elevator button away to Floor 5 at 60 Greene Street.

Unknown-5-1024x777Writer and activist Leeza Rowland becomes the first owner of the silk art.

Once inside guests were treated to a gallery of Reginato’s most recent work, including his new silver series made with a mixed metallic paint created just for him, alongside his few remaining sculptures not in a museum or private collection.  It was past these works that the newest collection was on display- the Italian leather handbags, each painted and signed by Reginato, and limited edition silk scarves based on his painting Tinkerbell.

Unknown-4-1024x805Swimwear designer Michaela Mazur appreciating the fabric.

The launch was publicized by Baelsponsorednsore by Sheldyn Scarff, CEO & Founder of Orera Technology, providing the product line of Philippines produced biodegradable tableware is in keeping with DZ Zone NYC’s commitment to sustainability.  The handbag line came about after Zahradnikova spilled coffee on a couture leather handbag and decided it wasn’t “ruined”, it was now liberated for repurposing as a surface for Reginato.  A second event supporter, the fair trade artisan source, Hands In, brought along upcycled handbags made with materials such as can tabs, cement bags and bottle caps.

Unknown-7-1024x696Elena Baltzoglou of Bael, artist Peter Reginato, DZ Zone NYC’s
Daniela Zahradnikova, Henry Torres and Carolina Real.

Special guests included Henry Torres, Carolina Real, Professor Barbara Roberts, collector Errol Rappaport, Larry Wohl, author Leesa Rowland, designer Michaela Mazur, Enk Dorj , Rowayton Ct’s Harborside Gallery founder Liz Bertang; Popular Theater founder and award winning director Angelika Sandora; philanthropist Sara Herbert Galloway; marketing guru and art collector Ken Gilbert; Hands In founder Susie De Rafelo; designer and Ian Ray of Dooney and Bourke among others.

Unknown-1-729x1024Larry Wohl and Leesa Rowland. 

A private showing of the wearable art and Reginato’s latest work can be arranged for the latter location as was done a few days after the launch for a celebrity fashion stylist and Prada partner, Luke Destin.

Bags and scarves may be found at DZ Zone NYC headquarters and studio (60 Greene Street, 5th floor, NYC).

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Susan De Rafelo
Susie De Rafelo is a humanitarian worker who divides her time between the US and overseas. She is the founder of S3 Works sustainability consulting and Hands In fair trade marketplace. Upon joining the non-profit world she earned a B.A. In development and an M.A. Humanitarian Services and has worked with groups in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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