Leading Across Differences: Young Global Leaders Travel to Ohio

New York, N.Y. – For two days, April 5th-6th, 2019, the J. Luce Foundation team and its Young Global Leaders (Initiative) took part in the 10th McDonough Leadership Conference at Marietta College, located in the heart of the Mid-Ohio Valley in Southeast Ohio.

57358226_1690552631089379_7434305930851778560_nPhoto: The Stewardship Report.

57001915_1690553284422647_2501797245666459648_nPhoto: The Stewardship Report.

At the conference, attended by around 300 participants from 25 institutions, the J.Luce Foundation also had the honor to give a presentation on its leadership programs, partnerships, and young global leaders trip to Indonesia in 2018 (Facebook).

Photo: The Stewardship Report.

57317220_1690552461089396_8818932588841271296_nJamaica meets China in Marietta, Ohio: C.M.U. Luce Scholar Oshane Richards
of Jamaica with College of Wooster Luce Leader Martin Li of China.
Photo: The Stewardship Report.

The J. Luce Foundation is partnered with Marietta College (link) and participates in its leadership conference each spring. This was the largest group ever with 14 members from 10 different countries: Jacob Abramo (USA), Valentin Camaño (Mexico), Niwa Dwitama (Indonesia), Lina Escobar (Colombia), Chloe Hoang (Vietnam), Stefon Holt (Jamaica), Martin Li (China), Bix Luce (Thailand), Jim Luce (USA), Mathew Luce (Indonesia),Oshane Richards (Jamaica), Tenzin Tseyang (Tibet), Yasmin Walker (USA).

Photo: The Stewardship Report.

57066193_1690553714422604_6928772685086326784_nA delegation from the J. Luce Foundation’s partner, The Caribbean Maritime Univ.
of Kingston, Jamaica, attended the conference. Photo: The Stewardship Report.

In this presentation, led by the foundation’s executive director Chloe Hoang, Young Global Leaders shared their views and lessons learned from their recent trip to Indonesia on what it means by leading across differences.

57155027_1690553531089289_6196427718272221184_nPhoto: The Stewardship Report.

56971092_1690552437756065_1039033175373774848_nJ. Luce Foundation Young Global Leaders Tenzin Tseyang (Tibet)
and Lina Escobar (Colombia). Photo: The Stewardship Report.

The conference brings an array of topics related to diversity and inclusion for effective leadership within organizations and across societies.

57408118_1690553407755968_8345943091961659392_nPhoto: The Stewardship Report.

The participants engage in a conversation on, among others, transformational leadership, useful follower characteristics, millennials and diverse leadership, African American leadership experience, and workplace equality.

The following is some of the highlights of the conference:

56931804_1690552561089386_5079492464738304000_nDr. Bill Bauer, a professor at marietta College, joined us. Bill serves as V.P.
of the J. Luce Foundation and attended Marietta High School with Jim Luce.
Photo: The Stewardship Report.

The next Luce Leadership Experience will be to Jamaica this coming June, where 36 Young Global Leaders from around the world will be on the campus of the Caribbean Maritime University for the Red Ribbon-Cutting of the J. Luce Leadership Centre (Facebook).

Applications and scholarships are available by writing chloe@lucefoundation.org.

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Niwa Dwitama
Niwa R. Dwitama is enrolled in the SIPA program working on a Master's in Interantional Affairs at Columbia University in New York. He holds a B.Sc. from Universitas Indonesia (UI) and has studied at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He has been nominated to the Board of Directors of Orphans International Worldwide and the J. Luce Foundation.

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