Living in Transient Society – When Moving Around Becomes the Norm

New York, N.Y. Gone are the days when mom and pop raised a brood of kids who grew up in the same family home that had been there for literally generations. While there are still some rare families who dwell in homes that are centuries old, those families are few and far between.


Over the past three-quarters of a century, air travel has made it possible to see parts of the world that our parents and grandparents could only imagine before and now it is nothing to live in one global city today and in another next month.

The Fact of the Matter

The truth is, we do live in a transient society, most often job related, and so moving around has literally become the new norm. When relocating to a new city, there are some things you can do to make the transition quicker. After all, who knows how long you’ll be there or when your next move will be? Maybe you’d like to put down roots in one place or another, but if the job calls you out again, you can hardly refuse, can you?

Meeting Your Neighbors

Once upon a time your neighbors would welcome you as the new kid on the block. Today it seems as though we are either too wrapped up in our lives to notice who is moving in or out, or maybe we have just become a bit afraid to approach someone who could be the next Ted Bundy. In any case, your neighbors probably won’t be welcoming you any time soon so it is up to you to knock on their door to introduce yourself. It is always good to meet your neighbors, especially when you haven’t other family in the area. They can be a real help watching out for your home while you are away or at work.

Where to Go and What to Do

Getting to know the neighbors can be helpful in other ways as well. Being new to the area you probably don’t know the best restaurants in town, where the best entertainment is or even where to find a medical marijuana dispensary in states where they are legal. If you aren’t sure your new neighbors would have the answer you could check out but it is fun to share common interests with new acquaintances who can fill you in on what’s up in your new town. Are you single? The best way to meet members of the opposite sex is to become acquainted with the neighbors because you just never know who lives next door until you knock!

Maybe even a decade ago it would have felt uncomfortable to keep moving around. However, based on the past few censuses, more and more people are relocating much more often. Being on the move has become the new norm so most of us take it in stride. Unfortunately, that can lead to some lonely times if you don’t take the initiative to introduce yourself in the new neighborhood. Just take a few moments to get to know those around you and you’ll fit right in in no time flat.

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