Luce Leader Nominee – Essay on Global Citizenship

Dallas, Texas. Most people think that being a citizen means simply living somewhere. Being a true citizen includes much more than that. With citizenship comes responsibilities. Said responsibilities include paying taxes and following the law but also, in my personal opinion, citizens must strive to be active members in their societies and be constantly trying to improve the place they live in. In all aspects. That is what the essence of being a true citizen or leader means to me. The desire to make the place you live in a better place for everyone and everything.


When we are born we join a community that many times we don’t even realize we are a part of. The global community. I personally believe that all humans are connected in many ways. Some complex and others more simple but the connection between every human being is there. More than just with other humans I truly believe that all living things are connected in ways that I really can’t explain. That is why I think we have a rather large obligation not only as humans but as the species in charge of the world right now to leave the world a better place than we found it.

All of this is important to me because I don’t think humanity is doing enough. Knowing the injustices that are going on in the world right now I’m surprised that no one is doing more. And that is what I want to do; more. To make the world a better place everyone has to do their part and I want to do mine. The opportunity to work with other young people who want to do good excites me because younger people don’t typically think this way. That is a shame because the future depends to a very large extent to the actions of humanities’ younger generations.

Global citizens understand the universal rights and obligations that come with being human. They understand the regardless of where you are born everyone deserves the same rights and opportunities. That massive accumulations of wealth around the globe while people are starving are helping no one and won’t be good for anyone on the long run. Global citizens will always strive for a more united and sustainable world.

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