Luce Leaders Such as Chris Rim Continue Advocating in College

New York, N.Y.  Almost a year has passed since last time Christopher Rim, the founder and president of anti-bullying awareness association It Ends Today, accepted his Luce Leadership 2013 Award showed at the Year-End Champagne Reception of the J. Luce Foundation, along with the other recipient Isaac Kassin, a young global philanthropist.

Chris Rim was recognized by the New York City Council at the J. Luce Foundation Awards
Reception.  Photo: The Stewardship Report.

The past year witnessed the great positive impact It Ends Today has made in members of the young generation around the world—it has reached more than 65,000 students from North America to Europe and Asia. The closing of 2013 is meaningful for both our foundation and Chris: it marks our foundation’s endeavor to continuing supporting young global leadership, and for Chris, since admitted in June, he has set sail for his Yale adventure full of unknown and novelty.

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Luce Leaders are provided additional training after their award.  Here, Chris Rim with Jim Luce
and the foundation’s executive director, Jeremy Hu. Photo: The Stewardship Report.

Chris was in middle of “non-stop studying for midterms and term papers” when the author e-mailed him to follow up on his work. Regardless of the strenuous academic study, he has never slowed down his effort to eliminate bullying in schools. He has established It Ends Today club at Yale University, and the club is currently registered with Yale College Dean’s Office and Dwight Hall—such good news!

A new leader is in place to head the It Ends Today chapter at his high school while Chris studies and plants new branches at Yale. As the anti-bullying campaigns continue, presentations at schools within New Haven community are being planed to bring awareness to how important bystander intervention really is.

Chris Rim making his acceptance speech next to Jim Luce at the J. Luce Foundation Reception
last year. Photo: The Stewardship Report.

“Being the recipient of the 2012 Luce Leader Award — along with Isaac Kassin — is a major accomplishment in my life,” Chris told me.  To the young leaders who are connecting goodness, he echoes, “Whether you have reached or influenced one person or an entire community, you have made a difference in someone’s life — greater than you have ever imagined.”

Chris Rim now attends Yale on scholarship. Photo: The Stewardship Report.

The J. Luce Foundation will continue to support his leadership endeavors, and commit to cultivate and support more young global leadership, as well as to mentor young global philanthropists.

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Luce Leaders Such as Chris Rim Continue Advocating in College

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