Meet J. Luce Foundation Global Advisor Lynne-Marie Paquette

New York, N.Y. Born and raised in the United States of America, the land of dreams and promises, Lynne-Marie grows up with a great determination of being successful and making impacts around the world. Lynne-Marie is an outstanding woman entrepreneur and global advisor, who founded the Buddy’s Dog Den in Brooklyn, New York and greatly contributed to the success of the Young Global Leaders community.

Back when she was little, Lynne-Marie has always owned pets and treated them with unconditional love. At the age of 12, she published her first article about her pet in Dog Fancy magazine – the world’s most widely read dog magazine according to BowTie Inc. During the teenage years, her love for pets has even grown stronger while she served as a dog walker, a caretaker, and a foster at various local rescue centers and shelters around New York City. During a volunteer trip in South East Asia helping suffered stray animals, this young passionate woman has also found her lifelong dream of owning a loving care facility for dogs back in Brooklyn.


In order to make her dream comes true, Lynne-Marie Paquette spent the next two decades of her life to gain knowledge and business experience. She graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Economics and an MBA from MIT-Sloan with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship and Finance. After the graduation, Lynne-Marie had worked in the financial and consulting industry at IBM and Credit Suisse for over ten years while forming a successful track record as a businesswoman.

However, a nine-to-five job could not fulfill her destination in life. As Lynne-Marie mentions “I used to work in traditional finance. I enjoyed it—but it wasn’t my lifelong dream.” She was determined to do something that is even greater.

With an entrepreneur mind and a big dream to achieve, Lynne-Marie Paquette decided to follow her heart and make her dream becomes true. In 2013, she started a dog daycare and boarding business called Buddy’s Dog Den in Brooklyn. Today, she is managing over 10 employees with a successful business while maintains a work-life balance lifestyle. Lynne-Marie believes that entrepreneurs should believe in themselves and never give up what they love to do.


As a successful and talented woman entrepreneur, Lynne-Marie has become a great inspiration to many young people. By contributing and serving as a Global Advisor at the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, she has mentored generations of the foundation’s young global leaders and has impacted many people’s lives around the world.

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