Marin and Alina Gherasim In Great New Exhibit at RIVAA


New York, N.Y. Saturday, May 7, the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association opened a new exhibit in its main gallery at 527 Main Street. The collection of 60 works by Romanian Father and Daughter Marin and Alina Gherasim marks the second time in less than a month that RIVAA delivers top of the line European artists to Roosevelt Island. (See photo gallery below)

Previously, on April 26, in alliance with RIVAA, Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. Acting President Susan Rosenthal unveiled Ulla and Gustav Kraitz’s sculpture Blue Dragon at its permanent home in Southpoint Park. The sculptors traveled here from Sweden for the unveiling, and this weekend, Alina Gherasim came to Roosevelt Island from her home in Romania.

Her father Marin addressed the crowded gallery in a short film.

The exhibit, which runs until May 29, is a special presentation sponsored by the Romanian Cultural Institute of New York.

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