Come Join Us – Masquerade Ball Benefit for Orphans

Brewster, N.Y. How we identify ourselves from a cultural standpoint is of utmost importance. It is though this identification that we learn to foster a newfound sense of respect and perspective for other cultures. Arguably nothing helps bridge the gap between the worlds numerous cultures better other than the universal language of the Arts and food.

The mission of the World Heritage Cultural Center (WHCC) aims to do just that by creating a common ground where any culture in the world can not only come and express their way of life through the Arts and food but celebrate it as well.

12963570_10154099789369634_3658652872754433691_nBulgarian Hip Hop violinist Svet Radoslavof. Photo: courtesy of WHCC. 

In honor of this mission, Sattie Persaud, founder of the World Heritage Cultural Center will be hosting an international event for the leaders of Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW).

Speaking with Jim Luce, founder of Orphans International Worldwide, I learned how impressed he is with the World Heritage Cultural Center. He told me:

The leadership of Sattie Persaud is incredible.  his is a woman who knows the score, care about humanity – and puts together results to help people! I salute Sattie and look so forward to joining her and all the good people of greater Brewster this Frida night. Her work should be recognized by one and all and I intend to toast to her success in helping the orphans of the world in a few days!

Please join us for this event June 10, 2016 (7-11 p.m.) at:

Kas’s Bar & Restaurant, 3867 Danbury Road, Brewster, N.Y. European and Surinamese cuisine will be served.

Enjoy music by Bulgarian Hip Hop violinist Svet Radoslavof as well as Puerto Rican Jazz/Latin artist Eve.

Dress to Impress! You’re welcome to bring your own mask; masks can also be purchased at the door.

$50; limited tickets. 100% of proceeds go to charity! Small charity auction; cash bar. You can also pay online here. See Facebook Invitation.

If you have any questions, please email

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