Meet Hassina Sherjan of Afghanistan

CEO of, activist and author of ‘Toughing It Out In Afghanistan’, Hassina Sherjan.

Country Director of Aid Afghanistan for Education/Founder

Nationality:                Afghan-American

Date of Birth:        1961


Phone:                      93 (0) 796423034


Received MPA degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Governance 2011.

Received an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Queen’s University Oct 31, 2008.

Took part in evaluation of ARTF (Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund) 2008.

Assisted with evaluation of Fin Government assistant to Afghanistan.

Owner of Boumi Co.   2004.

Executive Director of Aid Afghanistan 2002-current.

Chair of the Board for Nancy Hutch Dupree Foundation 2007- Current.

Member of the Executive board of Afghan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC).   2004- Current.

President and VP of Public Affairs, Afghanistan Information Center 1999-2002.

December 2002: Attended the transfer of power from President Rabani to Chairman Karzai ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan.

July 2002: Documented the condition of education and the immediate needs of the school children in Kabul, Panjsher, and Logar.

April 2001: Covered Afghan opposition leader Ahmad Shah Massoud’s trip to France.

July 2000: Traveled to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to participate in an Afghan women’s rights conference.   Subsequently traveled to Panjshir Valley, to conduct a survey of the local developmental conditions, especially in the area of education access.   Met and interviewed the leader of United Front (Northern Alliance) opposition to the Taliban, Ahmad Shah Massoud and several foreign POWs in UF custody.

May 1999: Traveled to Taliban-controlled Kabul, Afghanistan, to assess the education system and educational opportunities.   Unable to receive Taliban cooperation.   Opened five clandestine classes for girls for 250 students.

November 1999: Traveled to Rome, Italy, to cover former Afghan King Zaher Shah’s peace process meeting.

December 1997: Started a clothing business in Bali, Indonesia.   She is the owner and designer for Kuchy.

June 1996: Traveled to Peshawar, Pakistan to conduct research on education for the Afghan refugees.

March 1994: Traveled to Peshawar, Pakistan to assess the condition of the Afghan refugees.

April 1985 to 1995: Owned Kuchy Hair Styling.

Jan 1986 to 1989: Owner and manager of Pioneer Dry-cleaning.

March 1990 to 1994: Owner and manager of Pioneer Video in Walnut Creek CA.

Key Qualifications

A consummate professional with over twenty one years of thorough knowledge and experience in education, business, communication, and journalism.   Established a successful track record in managing a reputable educational NGO with grant and support of various international donors.   Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Boumi, an internationally recognized woman owned home accessory business.

Serving as President/ Executive Director with a mission to promote female education and literacy.   Ever since its inception, Aid Afghanistan for Education ( has enrolled thousands of girls in the most vulnerable areas of the country.   In addition, the organization empowers Afghan men and women with skill development to generate a sustainable income.

Responsibilities included, but were not limited to:

Representation of the organization to all stakeholders and donors.

Manage daily administrative tasks.

Supervise project team.

Responsible for annual strategic planning.

Develop fund-raising strategic planning.

Manage and resolve organization’s issues.

Develop project plans, budgets, and resource requirements.

Monitor and evaluate current projects in various regions.

Ongoing staff skill development.

2004- Current.   Boumi – Kabul, Afghanistan (

Owner and Chief Executive Officer of a successful social entrepreneurship producing home products for export.   Boumi is now Trademarked as of Dec 16, 2008.   The company produces high-end quality merchandise.   The products have reached numerous European countries and gained a large market share in the United States.   Boumi contributes to economic development of Afghanistan by promoting Afghan products and employment of over 200 vulnerable men and women.   Boumi has been publicized in various mass media in Europe and U.S.

Additional Experience

Oct. 2006: Investment Promotion Conference for Afghanistan- Washington DC:   Presented a speech.

Aug. 2005: Afghan women leadership forum: Provided training and a presentation of Corporate Social Responsibility.

July 2002: Educational Research – Kabul, Afghanistan Conducted a thorough detailed research and needs assessment of the schooling and education system in various provinces in Afghanistan.

June 2002: Fulbright Conference- Istanbul, Turkey: Presented a paper.

July 2000: Afghan Women Rights Conference- Dushanbe, Tajikistan.   Spoke at the conference, as well as traveled to Panjshir Valley, to conduct a needs assessment and survey of the local schooling condition and access to education.

May 1999: Girl Schooling- Due to lack of support from Taliban authorities, opened five clandestine classes for 250 female students.

June 1996: Educational Research and Needs Assessment- Peshawar- Pakistan: Conducted a research and survey to determine condition and level of access to education for Afghan refugees.

March 1995: Educational Research and Needs Assessment- Peshawar-Pakistan: Conducted a thorough needs assessment and research to assess the living condition and access to education of Afghan refugees.


Jan. 2011: U.S. Islamic World Form     Speaker on panel discussion.

Oct. 2009: W.I.N. Conference.   Delivered a speech.

Oct. 2008: Inclusive Growth Conference.     Location Delhi.

Dec. 2008: NATO Conference on Role of PRTs in Afghanistan.     Location: Brussels.

Feb. 2007: Security and Development: the case of Afghanistan.   Location: Brussels.

November 2006: Regional Economic Conference on Afghanistan. Location: Delhi.

May 2006: American Business Women Association Annual Conference.   Location: San Francisco

June 2006: global Summit for Women.   Location: Cairo.

Feb. 2003: World Economic Forum.   Location: New York.

June 2002: Fulbright Conference.   Location: Istanbul.

July 2000: Women’s Right Conference.   Location: Dushanbe

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