Meet Israel Santana, J. Luce Foundation “Young Global Leader”.

New York, N.Y. Born in The Bronx, N.Y. and raised in the Dominican Republic, Israel Santana always had a passion for justice. He is currently a Criminal Justice Major at Borough Manhattan Community college. He has plans of continuing his educational journey at City College of New York, where he will obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with hopes of pursuing Law school afterwards.


           Israel Santana is very proud of where he comes from. Photo: By The Author.

His knowledge of the criminal justice system and the injustices he has seen going on in the world were the spark that awakened his passion to serve others in his community. Israel’s main purpose in life is to be a voice to those that are not capable of defending themselves, becoming a vital part of the changes in the justice system. Most of all he will become a leader that can inspire the next generation.


      One of many events he attended thanks to Jim Luce. Photo: Mangala Weerasekera.

In addition, he looks forward to being a part of the educational system by becoming a college professor where he will share his knowledge and insights with classrooms full of young students, with the hopes of becoming a lifelong mentor while changing many of their lives.

imageedit_50_3120542008Ben Salom (Left) and Hector Liang (Right) also Young Global Leaders Photo: By the Author

Serving as a Journalist, Events and Social Media Senior “Young Global Leader” at The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that supports young global leadership impacting positive social change and the NGOs that support them, particularly in the fields of the Arts, Education, and Orphan Care. He works tirelessly each day on becoming an outstanding leader thanks to the mentorship of Jim Luce, someone he looks up to in many ways.


Mathew Luce (son of Jim Luce) and Israel Santana have become really good friends. Photo: By The Author.

Furthermore, he serves as an Onsite Director for Super Happy Healthy Kids, another nonprofit organization, that encourage kids and their families to say kind words and do kind acts via Karate, Yoga, Meditation, Arts, Music, Healthy Food, Positive Thinking and more. Their mission is to engage kids with fun and valuable activities that pass on core values of kindness, leadership and motivation.


Jim Luce impacted Israel’s life tremendously and has become a lifelong mentor. Photo: By Mangala Weerasekera.  

His admiration and respect for Jim Luce has driven him to help plan the expansion of both the J. Luce Foundation as well as Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) ., two non-profit organizations run by Mr. Luce. Israel Santana is just one of many millennials striving to make a change in the world. He knows that the road to success is a very challenging one, however, it is one that he is willing to take! And just like he always says “Patience is a virtue necessary to achieve your goals.”


Israel Santana
Journalism, Events & Social Media "Young Global Leader"at The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation.

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