Luce Leader Opens Art Exhibition – Moments Before Consciousness

New York, N.Y. Liangwei “Jerry” Huang is a New York City- and Shanghai-based artist. He is also a J. Luce Foundation Young Global Leader. Originally from China, he often focused on storytelling in his early paintings. Since 2017, he has been creating multimedia pieces by extracting moments from their contexts and manifesting their glamour constantly.


When I came to the U.S. to study seven years ago, I made up a story that my parents had invested so much money to discourage me from pursuing art. Not until recently, however, I realized that I have been blaming them to avoid assuming responsibility to face the fear of financial challenges if I chose art as a career. This exhibition, “Moments Before Consciousness,” is literally the first time I have assumed the responsibility to make dream come true to become a great artist.

Jerry has participated in several group shows, including Transformations, Bridge Art Gallery Juried Exhibition, Best in The Show Award Winner (2016), University of Rochester Senior Art Exhibition (2016), When You Got It You Got It New York City Gallery House Juried Exhibition (2015), University of Rochester Tunnel Gallery Juried Exhibition (2014-2015), Undergraduate Juried Exhibition in Hartnett Gallery(2014), Art Awake Juried Exhibition(2014). Jerry was NYC-based artist Greg Drasler’s assistant in 2016 and benefited tremendously from that experience.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait 31” x 45” Acrylic on Canvas $800

After a long time of pursuing art, Jerry has decided to take a further step in his career by creating an exhibition with his own artworks. Duo One Inc. is pleased to announce “Moments Before Consciousness,” an exhibition of paintings by Liangwei Huang. This is Liangwei’s first exhibition with Duo One and his first solo exhibition in the U.S.

Jackson Height Station (1)

Jackson Height Station 16” x 20” Oil on Canvas $500

The exhibition “Moments Before Consciousness” originates from Jerry’s desire to arrest ephemeral moments in life that amaze at the first sight before people’s consciousness returns. He hopes his audience will linger in that beautiful moment to explore all its possibility. However, these moments can be painful and lasting as well. He used to think that his parents spent lots of money to discourage him from pursuing art ever since he came to the U.S. for high school. It’s only until recently that he started to embrace the need to take actions to materialize his artist dream despite all excuses.

Growing Pain

Growing Pain 8” x 12” Pen on Paper. $150

With the support of the Institute for Multicultural Communications, Cooperation and Development, Inc., its President and CEO Ismael Betancourt Jr., and Alibe Hamacher, Director of Research. Other supporters include International Student Health Insurance CEO Keren Ziv, the curator of this exhibition Yi Chen and as many other friends, “Moments before Consciousness” will be on display from April 12, to April 15, 2018 at 4 West 43rd St., Suite 801.

Contribution to support Jerry’s exhibition can be made online via (here).

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Hunter Nguyen
Hoang 'Hunter' Nguyen is an international student from Hanoi, Vietnam. After seven years of studying and traveling in the United States, he is now an Accounting and Finance Student at SUNY Old Westbury. With his passion for the financial industry and business, Hunter has been closely involved with the stock market as a stock trader for the past five years and also worked with two different successful startups in Vietnam during his summer internships. Recently, he serves as a Young Global Leader at The J. Luce Foundation, where he can contribute his energy and effort to create positive impacts and connect goodness around the world.

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