Gentle Mugi’s Vet said, “He Can Only Live a Few More Days”

New York, N.Y. There is a dog called Mugi that Keiko Aoki really loves very much. The first Mugi-chan died when Rocky Aoki was still alive. So the next day, Rocky said to Keiko, “I’ll bring you the same one.” The second Mugi-chan  was a  Wheaton Terrier male, and it wasn’t a female like Mugi-chan before. Mugi-chan #2 has been alive for 14 and a half years now. When it is said that it is 14 and a half years, it is about 82 years old in my age if it is a human being.


I haven’t seen the dog for twelve years since Rocky died. One day, when I met him Mugi, he remembered me so much and I was surprised. Mugi was so happy that his tail wagged and wagged. Mugi did not want to leave me. Keiko said, “This dog is abnormal,” and a tumor was found in Mugi-chan’s spleen.

It’s a spleen tumor, very large, and I treated it aggressively every day for a little over a week or so and it became smaller. I have gone to Keiko’s place every day to treat Makoto, and I every day I have used Dr. Kazuko’s thermothermia made with patented far-infrared waves and terahertz waves.

Keiko was afraid Mugi-chan was in his last days, so she decided to take the ceremony hall and did a lot of things, but Mugi was able to eat rice because of my treatment and Keiko’s love.


The vet said, “He can only live a few more days,” but that was three weeks ago. So Keiko said, “This might be the last time,” and this time they went to the countryside which was Mugi-chan’s favorite. I also went because I should have something for him. Then, I became very tired by the treatment of Mugi chan every day.

There is a white little female dog named Kome-chan, Mugi-chan’s partner, who can flatter people and is loved by everyone. Even if she’s tiny, I think Kome-chan is always together with Mugi-chan, cheering him up. Mugi-chan was no longer able to stand up, but now he can stand up and walk like me.  Mugi-chan is a very lucky dog. I meditate every day believing that Mugi-chan will live a longer life for Keiko.

Gratitude Gassho. Kazuko Ryumura


















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