My Own Hero, Robin Lim, May Become CNN’s Worldwide Hero

U bud, a very small town and the cultural center of the Island of Bali, became my second home, during the cold New York City winters.   About 12 years ago, I had the great honor and pleasure to meet Robin Lim – a midwife from the U.S. who relocated with her family from Iowa to Ubud, Bali. I   met Robin at the weekly meeting of my Rotary Club in Ubud, Bali, where she was our guest speaker.   She talked about her Natural Birthing Clinic, Bumi-Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth) and the many urgent needs of this small free of charge NGO, at the out skirts of Ubud. Her profound   commitment, boundless passion and endless energy came through during her presentation. I was instantly smitten by her persona and noble mission.

The miracle of life continues in Bali at the hands of Ibu Robin Lim of Bumi-Sehat Clinic.

Ibu (Mrs.) Robin founded and funded her free birthing-clinic with local and worldwide donations, mostly by word-of-mouth. Rotary Clubs in Ubud Bali, Singapore, Australia and New York City were most generous as well.

However, there was never enough money to allow for the growth and expansion needs of the clinic. Word about midwife Robin and the free of charge Bumi-Sehat clinic, spread fast from one village to the next all over Bali. (The poverty level in the non-touristy villages of Bali is still very high. Hospital birthing is way beyond the financial means of the average Balinese family.

While pre-natal care is available at Bumi-Sehat, some mothers to-be, still show up at in the last minutes of their pregnancy term. It is not unusual for them to arrive at the clinic on the back seat of an old   motorcycle, to have their babies delivered at the Bumi-Sehat clinic.

Robin Lim falls in love with every life she brings into this world, including this Balinese girl.

Bumi-Sehat developed and evolved into a safe, competent and free of charge place where mothers and families felt cared for, supported and welcome. However, over the years the clinic became too small for its mission, which now includes pre-natal care, food supplements, weekly post-partum clinics, emergency walk-in first aid, and other related services.

I was fortunate to be able to observe Robin and her birthing and team in action, on several occasions. For me it has been and still is, the most moving and amazing sight, the miracle of birth and a new Life.

With the new Balinese mother, Robin celebrates a new member of humanity.

Babies are welcomed to our world, with the soft and sweet sounds of a lullaby which is sung by the birthing team. Moments after delivery, with the umbilical cord still intact, the (unwashed) baby is placed on it’s mother’s breasts, covered with a soft receiving-blanket. Instant instant bonding between baby and mother is a corner stone of natural birthing .

This wonderful real life drama is taking place in a simple and humble space, where mother and baby are surrounded by the gentle care and love of a well trained team. There are no bright neon lights, no phones ringing, no swinging doors going back and force, no one speaks loudly and no “menacing” medical equipment is surrounding the simple birthing bed.

I have seen immense joy on Robin’s face when babies and mothers were well after delivery, and I have seen her great sadness and despair when problems did not allow for a happy ending.   Every delivery is a personal experience for Robin.   She rejoices and grieves as though it was her own baby.

Robin Lim was on the ground helping mothers after the earthquake in Haiti.

In addition to her daily work at Bumi-Sehat, Robin is a “first responder” when disasters strike locations outside of Bali. The Tsunami in Aceh, (2004).   The earth quake in Haiti, (2009) and more.   There are always pregnant mothers and babies that need to be born, no matter what the conditions are.   Robin makes it all possible on location.

In September 2011, Robin Lim was nominated to the final Top Ten World-Wide CNN Heroes. Now she needs your vote to become the Number One Hero – a designation that would come with a generous contribution. This will allow Robin to move her non-for-profit clinic to a larger building, to better serve the mothers and their new-born infants in Bali.

“Helping hands at Bumi Sehat Bali — where each day a miracle of Peace is born!”

Robin lives with her husband Wil, some of her now grown up children, one grandson, and one adopted girl.   Her simple Balinese home is next door to the Bumi-Sehat clinic.

Your vote can make Robin Lim CNN’s World-Wide number One Hero.   By casting your vote you are helping poor mothers to deliver healthy babies with care, peace and love.   If you wish to vote for Robin Lim, please go to CNN Heroes.   You can also goggle Robin Lim for more information and articles, in the Huffington Post.


Contributions to this Indonesian NGO may be made through the Sakthi Foundation located in Iowa.   For further questions and/or information regarding Robin Lim and Bumi Sehat, write Alisa Chazani.

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