Nan O’Brien & David Webb’s Honeymoon Walk For Charity – A Million Steps With Love

N ew York, N.Y. Growth, a desire shared by all humans being the goal-oriented creatures we are, can be a struggle; it all depends on your outlook on life. Having made her living as a paralegal for fifteen years and professional writer for ten, Nan O’Brien, a philanthropist, has been working full-time as a medium, and intuitive counselor for the past fifteen years. She believes in having a strong outlook and spiritual mindset to combat suffering. Her philosophy is, instead of saying “why me?” when something happens, you should be asking “how have I attracted this person, thing, or scenario into my life?” She believes answering these questions can transcend into solutions for you to implement change and growth into your life.


Nan O’Brien with her soon-to-be husband, David Webb.

Nan O’Brien will be saying “I do” to her fiance David Webb on February 25, 2018. Not only is she going to accept David’s hand in marriage, the duo came up with an amazing idea. They will kick-start their marriage with a unique honeymoon – a spiritual journey where each of them will walk over one million steps of the El Norte Route of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a medieval pilgrimage spanning 515 miles/823 km. along the northern coast of Spain.

“Courage is the one human trait that leads to everything worthwhile.” As a bonus to Nan and David’s honeymoon journey, their walk will support five charities including Orphans International World Wide (OIWW), a foundation founded by humanitarian Jim Luce to help orphans in need in countries including Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. You are able to make a tax-deductible donation directly to the charities and track the progress of their walk on the couple’s website at

For more information about Nan O’Brien, please visit her website.

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