New Shoe Designer Sets Trends, Turns Heads, Gives Back to Charity

Cedrick McDonald, designer and owner of Exotics by Cedrick

Cedrick McDonald, designer and owner of Exotics by Cedrick

In 2010, what was believed to be the world’s oldest leather shoe was discovered in cave in Armenia. The shoe was estimated to be around 5,500 years old. While leather shoes have been around for a very long time, there are still revolutionary things being done with them that help to set new trends. One celebrity fashion and footwear designer, Cedrick McDonald, has created a shoe idea so unique that he was issued a U.S. patent for it. Picture high fashion pumps with 4-6” heels that turn heads, and as they do, people see what is on the bottom of every shoe – a snakeskin outsole that is encrusted in Swarovski crystals. It doesn’t get much more fashion-forward or more unique than that!

“It was time to take pumps a step further and really help people live life through their soles,” explains Cedrick McDonald, owner of Exotics by Cedrick. “My collection of shoes is unique, jaw-dropping, and certainly something for people to talk about. As soon as you put them on you have a whole new level of confidence and direction in life.”

Cedrick takes shoes seriously. In fact, his motto is that you should “Live Life Through Your Soles.” Shoes, for him, are a work of art that helps to not only make a statement, but to help make the person. He is fascinated and inspired by the way a great pair of heels can give someone an amazing sense of confidence. Witnessing such things has inspired him to take the high heel industry to a whole new level.

A serial entrepreneur, Cedrick started the company in 2016. Not only are his shoes unique, but he also took a novel approach to getting them in the limelight. He was in the gifting room at the Golden Globes, giving his shoes out to celebrities. He also attended the MTV Movie and TV Awards, held on June 14, 2018. Some of the celebrities that stopped by his gifting suite were Janeshia Adams- Ginyard, from Black Panther, James Dumont from Law & Order, Alyssa De Boisblanc from Modern Family, recording artist and actress Jane Payne, Kate Linder from The Young & the Restless, and actress Sofia Milos to name a few.

Cedrick is an artist and designer who believes in giving back, so he’s made it his mission to donate a percentage of the proceeds from sales to the AIDS Foundation to help combat the global disease. Most shoe designers do not get awarded patents for their creations, but that’s where Exotics by Cedrick is different. With each shoe having an outsole that features snakeskin and Swarovski crystals there’s nothing like them on the market. Getting a patent for the revolutionary design he created confirmed that. The shoes in the collection range from a 4.5”-6” heel, with each model having its own unique touch, such as having rivets, a single rose stamped on the back, mesh, and more.

“If you want shoes that make you feel beautiful and help you stand out, then you think Exotics by Cedrick,” added McDonald. “Every shoe I design is created with love, artistic imagination, and a love for all things high heels. Thousands of years from now, someone will find one of my shoes and the world will still be marveling over it then!”

Being from the Tampa area, Cedrick aims to help set the trends in the high fashion world. To create his shoes he starts with a hand sketch, usually in the middle of the night, and then creates the rendered design on CAD. He is motivated to create his designs because of the boost in confidence that he sees people have when they are wearing a killer pair of heels. To learn more about Exotics by Cedrick, visit the site at:

Photo courtesy of Exotics by Cedrick

Photo courtesy of Exotics by Cedrick

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