Nguyen to Coordinate Foundation, Orphans International Stakeholders

New York, N.Y. As Orphans International Worldwide approaches its 20th anniversary, and the J. Luce Foundation it’s 12th anniversary, under the leadership of Jim Luce, their leadership circles continue to expand. And the structure of these sister charities continues to evolve dramatically.


“Jim (Luce)’s vision had been extraordinary, and even with administrative and development staff in place doing their best to communicate, we have reached a time to bring on a formal stakeholders’ liaison,” states Stephen McArdle, foundation Finance Committee Chair (story).

McArdleNYC Real estate broker Stephen McArdle chairs the foundation Finance Committee.

Beginning in 1999, following the adoption of Mathew Luce, Jim worked with his child psychologist mother to create Orphans International, Raising Global Leaders, following “Mathew’s Rule“ – that all children be raised as if one’s own.

9674cf2e408469084dc13332122399afJim Luce taking Orphans International to meet children in Togo, West Africa.

This was followed by the foundation, inspired by his university professor father, Supporting Young Global Leaders. Growth has been supported by the dual charities’ all-volunteer committee structure and virtually all-volunteer staff.

67530723_1777921642352477_1084457874777702400_oSummer 2019 Young Global Leaders receive recognition at The China Institute.

Attorney Wayne Greenwald heads the foundation’s legal committee, and executive director Chloe Hoang chairs it’s administrative committee.

43156441_2221774531197572_3613816290654814208_oWhen disaster strikes and body bags filled, Orphans International goes into action.

Chloe states, “It’s been challenging to share our tremendous progress with our stakeholders both because of the scope of our activities and the large number of supporters. I believe what really set us apart is the exception Return on Investment (ROI) we have achieved raising, supporting and education young global leaders.”

WayneAryanna James with Board attorneys Abe Shainberg (m) and Wayne Greenwald (r).

The foundation’s executive committee is joined by development director Nigel Roberts who heads the foundation’s development committee, and Sunil Herath who leads its technology committee. Jess Branford heads its publicity committee.

14100427_1109917142431442_8450501942389188629_nLam Nguyen with sister Ha, Matt & Jim Luce, Isaac Santa and Hector Leong.

What has been missing is a closer relationship with the philanthropy’s stakeholders.

Staff-2013-D1Nigel Roberts and Jeremy Hu have been with the foundation since inception.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce global advisor Lam Nguyen has committed ten hours a week to chair our newly formed Boards & Alumni Relations Committee,” states Jim Luce.

13932800_10206032091074551_4859973349253961639_nPeter Pergolis, Mike Bhuiyan, Jim Luce with Lam Nguyen at a Lions Club event.

“Through, Lam will serve as liaison to the many interns, Fellows, Scholars, young global leaders, global advisors and board members of our various charities,” Jim explains.

c5c07be0e3fc11e59877829a5b3247caGlobal Adviser Lam Nguyen will chair the Boards & Alumni Relations Committee.

“After having written for The Huffington Post (column) for 10 of the last 20 years, serving on the board of another dozen charities, and publishing The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness, Jim receives far more communication than he is able to keep up with,” states Chloe Hoang. “I am now equally maxed out and welcome Lam’s addition to be able to continue to listen to our large leadership circle.

sddefaultThe Foundation’s young global leaders tour NYC Council, Albany and Washington.

Today, the foundation has almost 20,000 people in its database, and Jim has about 100,000 followers on social media. He receives several hundred communications daily, leaving many feeling unlisted to when he cannot respond quickly.

fileYoung Global Leaders attending leadership conference at Marietta College, Ohio.

Financier Nate Land, a member of the foundation board, told The Stewardship Report:

Lam is willing to contribute ten hours a week to in part survey our board members to determine what is missing for each and re-create them and then begin to re-presence our team as to our original commitment. This is extremely generous of our friend and we applaud his commitment!

14045704_10206190471393960_6507185182301769385_nBrother and sister Ha and Lam Nguyen, both supporters of the J. Luce Foundation.

To date, the charities have inherited five estates and raised just over $2 million in twenty years. What have been the results?

  • Homes for dozens of children in Haiti, Indonesia and Sri Lanka;
  • Support for hundreds of children in India, the Dominican Republic, and Tanzania; and
  • 200-hour training of approximately 100 students through the Young Global Leadership Initiative in NYC to empower youth wishing to better humanity to think, write, speak, organize, and utilize social media more effectively; and
  • Support of $750,000 academic center in the Himalayan mountains for orphaned and disadvantaged Tibetan children.

50055567_2174515499530199_5097788059051622400_nJim Luce with Chinese students at Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica.

Many people miss that the J. Luce Foundation also serves as an incubator and fiscal sponsor for many new organizations working to better humanity, whether seeking an end to and supporting the victims of sex trafficking to supporting the environment. Jim personally advises these non-profit start-ups and all fees are waived.

IMG_2291For Board member Nate Land, the foundation is all about family.

Other results of the foundation are:

  • Luce Leadership Experience focusing on international humanitarian trips to countries such as Greece, Indonesia and Jamaica, with Israel and China planned for the future;
  • Partnership with leadership programs at both Marietta College in Ohio and the Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica;
  • Over 4000 stories published on ‘uplifting humanity’ through its publication;
  • Financial support of over 100 other nonprofit organizations;
  • Launch of the first of 20 endowment funds to raise $20 million over the next five years; and
  • Over 150 events held including world congresses for people of goodwill to support, grow and network.

13412934_1127075190667517_7434079027669432405_nOrphans International campus and ambulance after the Tsunami in Indonesia.

“Our funds, both operating and endowed, are a dynamic part of our expansion strategy,” states Nigel Roberts, the foundation’s development director. The endowment Funds range from youth mental health (Bauer Fund), suicide and addiction (Matt’s Fund), to climate change and orphan support (Manjushree Fund), many with their own Facebook page or news story.

Orphans International has received two million dollars in estate pledges for orphan and education funds in India and Indonesia.

26232977_1323155594495753_3407050924448527522_oLuce Leadership Experience Greece — Hellas — 2017 visiting the Temple of Delphi.

Another piece of the dual nonprofit’s future plans includes the growth of its young global leaders supported in the past becoming the charities’ future. This stems from the ‘5-Step Pathway’ created several years ago outlining the possible rise from Young Global Leader to Global Advisor to staff or Board member.

6717598549_a528d1fda0Jim Luce on the ground with children in Bihar, the poorest province of India.

Out of the first cohort of Young Global Leaders in 2016, three now head start-ups and the fourth has graduated from the University of Chicago Law School. All four are actively engaged with one or both family charities.

On July 24, the foundation announced its first cohort of Luce 24 Under 24 (Story). Mirroring the Forbes 30 Under 30, the “Luce 24 Under 24” Awards recognize young game-changers twenty-four years of age or younger who are making innovative contributions to humanity. They were chosen for demonstrating their potential to alter the trajectory of the world. This is now another group for Lam to assist in keeping connected.


“I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to see the youth we invested in yesterday coming on board today as board members and contributors,” Jim says. “Lam’s role with alumni come aboard, and global advisor relations is going to be extremely important for us.”

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-07 at 2.45.11 PMRaising, Supporting and Educating Young Global Leadership, Athens, Greece.

In addition, as the charities move into their third decade, there will be an emphasis on social enterprise in addition to inheritance, public and stakeholder contributions.

Specifically, Orphans International has just launched its LeadershipWorks, “America’s high-end eThrift Shop.” (Story).

Leadership Logo - 600

The foundation is expected to release its family collection of art and heirlooms online this autumn. Valuation is $350,000 and many artists have pledged paintings to the collection going forward. Merrill Lynch has offered to help curate the collection.

IMG_2290Board and staff members Stephen McArdle, Rhiannon Murphy and Leslie Gabriel.

What will the next ten years hold? According to Rhiannon Murphy, chair of the long range planning & development committee, increased corporate sponsorship, leadership centers in tandem with academic institutions around the world, and the probability of the foundation’s own inner city headquarters/youth hostel and leadership center in western Pennsylvania.

In addition, Peter and Joanne Pergolis continue to provide leadership for the training vehicle that is the organization’s New York Global Leaders Lions Club (Website/Facebook).

25626920_1638400956198318_1023326032284283793_oYoung Global Leaders hone their skills with the foundation’s Lions Club, New York.

Interestingly, Lam Nguyen is one of many Vietnamese-Americans working within the charities under the Luce umbrella. “I am delighted that so many Vietnamese have made such a strong commitment to our mission, from our executive director Chloe Hoang (Wooster) to Board member Thanh Dang (Wooster), Global Advisor Huy Nguyen, Luce Fellows Chinh Duong (Yale) and Ngoc “Brian” Thang  (Notre Dame), Young Global Leader Van “Ally” Nguyen (Dickenson), and all the others,” says Jim.

IMG_2292NYC Council Member Jumaane Williams and Board members Stephen McArdle
at a foundation gala in New York’s Indonesian Consulate off Fifth Avenue.

Jim and the organizations he founded have been honored repeatedly by President Obama, the U.S. Congress, New York State Assembly, New York City Council, Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Lions Club International Foundation, and Marietta College.


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