Nigel Roberts on Positivity – “Everybody Can Do Something’”

New York, N.Y. Award winning Journalist Nigel Roberts, talks about his passions in journalism, business and helping young people to achieve their vision.

Is there anything Nigel Roberts can’t do? Currently an editor at and a Global Advisor at the J. Luce Foundation, Roberts served as the Foundation’s first Communications Director and Editor of The Stewardship Report since June 2013.


Nigel Roberts on Positivity – “Everybody Can Do Something’”

Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Nigel grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He Lives with his wife, Carole and daughter, Sherrone. His service with the US Air Force for seven years took him to different military bases in Asia and Latin America, where he acquired knowledge of international trade and cultures. Roberts then pursued a Certificate in Business Journalism at Arizona State University and a journalism coursework at New York University, where he wrote for the campus newspaper. He later went on to earn his Bachelor and Master degrees in Political Science from the City University of New York.

As a graduate student, Roberts interned at the United Nations, where he returned to work as a correspondent. Before the start of his journalism career, Nigel worked for Random House, under the Alfred A. Knopf, Crown and Random House imprints in the subrights contracts department. Nigel has worked as a junior reporter for The Beacon in Florida, and for The Champion in Decatur, Atlanta. It was at the Atlanta daily that Roberts was awarded First Prize in three consecutive years by The Georgia Press Association.


The Georgia Press Association awarded Nigel Roberts first place in June 2008 for outstanding religion news coverage. 

Roberts embarked on online reporting with Polictic365, where he covered the United Nations, domestic and political issues. He also contributed regularly to where he wrote articles about Black Entrepreneurship. One of his most outstanding article was “Brothers in Business: Fighting Discrimination with Their Own Drive” which encapsulated his interest in business, raising awareness and providing inspiration to the Black community.


Nigel Roberts and U.S. Congressman Ed Towns at the House of Representatives. Nigel worked on Congressman Towns’ communications staff.

As a senior news writer, news analyst, and associate producer with Arise America, an international broadcast news network that focuses on the African Diaspora, he is able to give back and help African American youth through his repository of inspirational articles and mentorship programs. He guides young leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve their vision.

His current project is an article on entrepreneurship in Harlem. To him, Harlem sets a “special tone” which awakens exciting opportunities. It’s a “mythical place” and “a great symbol for black culture.” And he fervently believes that the new generation need positive guidance in their life journey to alleviate poverty in their community.

He believes that “everybody or anybody can do something. Anybody can bring positive change to themselves or to their community, regardless of their status.”

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