NYC Birthday Bash Supports Orphans International Worldwide

New York, N.Y.  The trendy new Asymmetrik Gallery in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC was the venue for Orphans International Worldwide founder Jim Luce’s recent birthday celebration that raised funds for orphaned children – and the new duet of Joey Vaughan and Jeane Reveendran performed.  Jeane is the newest Global Adviser to the J. Luce Foundation (

OIWW - 7-131     Zoran Saher, Luce Leader in Training, with J. Luce Foundation executive director Jeremy Hu,
Jim Luce, Jim’s son Mathew for who the Orphans International Worldwide “Mathew’s Rule” 
that all children assisted by OIWW be done so at the same level we would help our own 
children, and Nigel Roberts, J. Luce Foundation Communications Director.

In his remarks, Jim spoke of the organization’s fourteen-year history highlighted with work in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Haiti.  Jim spoke with passion over the history of OIWW that began with the adoption of his own son Mathew in 1996.  The organization dates back to 1999.

OIWW - 7-136
Musicians Joey Vaughan and Jeane Reveendran performed for the benefit for
Orphans International Worldwide on the occasion of founder Jim Luce’s birthday.

Over wine and cheese, the audience heard of OIWW’s efforts in other countries such as Afghanistan and India.  Jim mentioned that OIWW has a long tradition of volunteer support and donated office space, allowing its administrative costs to be kept well under ten percent.

  OIWW - 7-13-new-3
Jeremy Hu’s new Asymmetrik Gallery in trendy Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, July 24, 2013.

OIWW executive director John Lee joined the celebration along with key staff of the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation including its executive director Jeremy Hu and communications director Nigel Roberts.  Luce Leaders in training also attended, as did other friends of the organization such as Michelle Mitchell.

OIWW - 7-13-new-2
World-renown painter Ran Ortner with one of his signature ocean wave paintings.

Jim’s events always attract the international crowd.  Aroon Shivdasani of the Indo-American Arts Council came, as did Tad Sudol of RIVAA Gallery and Shuchi Vyas of Habitat for Humanity India.  Camille Tibaldeo of Fountain Gallery and Sarah Williams of Pro Bono Speaks also attended the event.

OIWW - 7-13-newer-1

Other well-wishers included Studio 54’s Carmen D’Alessio, Grammy Award Winner Simon Katz of Jamiroquai, painter Ran Ortner, photographer Christophe von Hohenberg of  Andy Warhol: The Day The Factory Died, and Vlada von Shats of Vlada Lounge, site of the after-party.

OIWW - 7-13-new-1
Gallerist and J. Luce Foundation director Jeremy Hu, Robert Ferran, with painter Ran Ortner.

OIWW was founded by Jim Luce in 1999 on the precept that we care for orphaned children the way we would treat our own children.  This concept became known as “Mathew’s Rule,” named after Jim’s own adopted son.  OIWW played an active role following the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and in the wake of Hurricane Jeanne in Haiti (2004).

OIWW - 7-13-newer-2
Mathew Luce in Jakarta with his father after the Tsunami in 2005.

OIWW supports both the small home-based full care and community center-based family care of orphaned and abandoned children.  OIWW stands emphatically against the institutionalization of children in Dicksonian warehouses and prefers family care to full care.  OIWW supports “Ending Orphanages Globally” in favor of children remaining with extended families.

Global Presence 2

Donations to Orphans International Worldwide may be made on-line here.  ‘Like’ the OIWW Facebook page here.  See the event photo album here.

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