NYC Public Advocate Calls for Divestment on Gun-Selling Walmart

New York, N.Y.  New York City Public Advocate Letitia James has called on the city to divest in Walmart.


In a recent letter to supporters, she wrote:

New York City invests hundreds of millions of dollars in Walmart, the largest gun and ammunition retailer in America.

As the New York City Public Advocate – who serves on a City pension board – I am calling for divestment from Walmart, until it stops selling guns.

In the wake of the domestic terrorism attack at Charleston A.M.E. Church, Walmart made a big show of removing the Confederate Flag from its shelves.

But it’s not enough to stop selling the symbol of hate, when you continue to peddle the tools used to turn that hate into deadly violence.

That’s why we must divest from Walmart. We cannot allow New York City pension dollars to fuel gun violence that is harming innocent children and families.

We must take action against gun violence, and we can start by taking away financial support from the most prolific gun dealer of all – Walmart.

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