Orphans International Announces New Director for 20th Year

New York, N.Y. The Board of Directors of Orphans International Worldwide (OIW) announces with great pleasure the hiring of Luisa Duarte-Silva, Ph.D. as Executive Director. She will be the third permanent E.D. since the charity was founded nineteen years ago. Luisa has two adopted boys from Vietnam, has worked extensively with orphanages in Asia and Africa, and has been coordinating internship programs at Princeton University for the last decade plus.

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Dr. Luisa Duarte-Silva at her sons’ orphanage in Vietnam fifteen years ago.

“I was the first Executive Director until we hired John Lee in 2005,” states founder Jim Luce. “John coordinated our programming after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka for four years. We are so excited now to have our third full-time executive director as we approach our twentieth year – Dr. Luisa Duarte-Silva!”

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Dr. Duarte-Silva has been at Princeton University for fifteen years in various academic and administrative roles. As Director of the International Internship Program (“IIP”) for the past ten years, responsible for all aspects of its management, she successfully expanded IIP to become the largest international program at the university with over 2,000 applications in 2018.

IMG_1909 (1)
With her daughter Ana, in front of the community college in Rach Gia,
Vietnam, where Ana taught for one year.

At the university, she built solid trusting relationships with over 400 employers in over 55 countries, as well as with Princeton administrators and colleagues, donors and alumni.

Chloe Hoang, a Vietnamese native who graduated in 2017 from the College of Wooster, has been executive director of the J. Luce Foundation — Orphan International’s sister charity — for the last two years. “We welcome Luisa to our leadership team!,” Chloe says. “We are enormously excited to have someone of her caliber take on moving Orphans International into its next decade.”

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Proud mom, Luisa Duarte-Silva, with her four children.

Orphans International began nineteen years ago, following the adoption of Mathew Luce in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The organization, encouraged by Jim’s child psychologist mother and following “Matt’s Rule” to treat children in its care they way one would treat one’s own children, focuses on “Raising Young Global Leaders.”

“When Jim’s dad passed away, the J. Luce Foundation was created in his memory,” Chloe explains. “This is the charity I head, ‘Supporting Young Global Leaders.’ Our organizations work hand-in-hand first Raising and then Supporting Young Global Leaders. That is why I am so excited to have Luisa join us!”

Luisa graduated from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and received her Ph.D. from City University of New York. Before starting her career at Princeton, she worked at the United Nations, and as an advisor to diplomats and business organizations.

Buying lunch with daughter Meghan, Bangsak, Thailand, where Meghan 

taught for one year at the government school for Tsunami orphans.

Luisa has devoted her career in Higher Education to engagements that she hopes will contribute to a world without borders. Even though she was responsible for supervising instructors and for the all the aspects of the IIP program, what she enjoyed the most of her career at Princeton was to prepare students to immerse themselves in the cultures of over 55 countries.

“Listen before you start thinking about how to contribute local communities; Think before you act with the local communities, not for local communities; Act with respect and humility at all times.”

Planning English teaching curriculum with Director of one room school, Myanmar.

Luisa has two daughters, Ana, 29, Meghan, 26, and two sons, Mark and Luke, 20, identical twins, adopted from Vietnam. Her daughters both worked in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand after graduating from Princeton. Her sons are now in college, studying engineering and Environmental Design, and planning to return to their homeland after graduation to work for a few years.

IMG_1376 (2)
In Princeton, with “homestay” son, Joseph.

She has been a Senior Advisor for Ashinaga, a Japanese organization devoted to supporting the education and emotional wellbeing of orphaned children in Japan. She played a crucial role in the launching of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI). AAI supports the college education of about fifty students from Sub-Saharan Africa, in the U.K., the U.S., France and Portugal, depending on their native language.

Preparing Leadership Training Instructors, Ashinaga Africa Initiative, Uganda.

A firm believer in the premise that talent is distributed equally around the globe, she has devoted much of her free time to initiatives that support the education of international students from the least privileged backgrounds, like the Liger Leadership Academy in Cambodia.

Luisa was co-emcee of OIW & the J. Luce Foundation’s 19th Annual Awards Gala
at the Princeton Club. Photo: Duane Lyken/The Stewardship Report.

Revitalizing Orphans International speaks not only to her skills and experience, but to the work of her heart. As Jim Luce states, “Orphans International ‘s new executive director Dr. Luisa Duarte-Silva is an enormous step towards building a world without borders on the brink of our third decade. Her presence allows us to expand our efforts in Raising Young Global Leaders!”

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