Orphans International Worldwide Launches Penny Harvest

New York, N.Y.  It is said that lending a hand of generosity to those that are in need, is a deed that defines the word ‘Noble’ in its purest form. Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW), has successfully and consistently looked to spread its wings further towards its causes in supporting orphaned children in Africa, Asia, and the Americas since its founding in 1999.

Today, OIWW supports orphan care in a dozen countries. Such continuous efforts to make the “Art of Giving” one’s inherit habit, has given birth to a charity drive called Penny Harvest.

Penny Harvest has been constructively envisioned to encourage young children in various neighborhoods of wherever they reside, to be involved in learning about philanthropy and to be a part of the solution that creates the opportunity of achieving overall harmony within the community. This ability to actively engage young children in a generous cause of such a kind, goes a long way in financially supporting the immediate needs of orphans across the global. Hence, it enables the youth to understand the fundamental cause of humanity in this highly driven, yet resourcefully uneven world that we live in.

This exchange of reaching out to a social cause in return for “Goodness,” directly relates to one’s core values and moral principles of being sensitive and highly appreciative of the surroundings that they live in. It is therefore imperative to realize the support that a small-scale charity drive like Penny Harvest requires, for it to progressively create a long lasting impact towards Orphans International Worldwide.

We at the Luce Foundation, located at 1149 Second Avenue (60/61 Sts., Manhattan), have initiated this drive by placing a glass bowl at the entrance of our Stonehenge-Luce Non-Profit Space, for the general public browsing through the gallery from the outside, to come in & generously drop their cents/quarters to help accumulate our collection for the Penny Harvest proceedings.


Zoran Saher
Graduating from Pace University early in 2012 & attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, gave me the perfect platform to launch myself into the Corporate World of opportunities. I was always fascinated & intrigued by the prolific work that the Luce Foundation has been involved in. And it was only when I was given the chance to work here, did I fully learn to appreciate the global causes that we're an integral part of that helps nurture in creating overall awareness. Being the Director of Social Media for the Luce Foundation & The Stewardship Report, have instinctively presented me with the ability & the skills to take the message of our foundation, leaps & bounds ahead. It is therefore only natural for me to admit, that there is no better deed in this world than to constantly strive to what our official tagline defines- "Connecting Goodness".

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