Orphans International Unveils New Website for Sponsoring Kids

New York, NY. Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW) unveiled its new website, the third since its founding in 1999. I created the first, which was indeed primitive. The second was marvelous but now four years old. John Lee, OIWW’s Vice President, oversaw the design of the new site.


“We needed to update our image and we chose a flash platform to do so. The new site is clean, graphic-centric, fresh, and allows easy sponsorship,” he told me.

The fresh new site covers the history of the organization that I began in 1999 with proceeds from my mother‘s estate. It includes our three primary projects today: Haiti, Indonesia, and Madagascar. Asia, Africa, and the Americas. OIWW has had a presence in both Indonesia and Haiti since 2001, and has just announced the opening of a very special project in Madagascar recently. In brief:

Asia: Indonesia. OIWW’s project is in Manado, North Sulawesi – the predominantly Christian minority city in mostly-Muslim Indonesia. Over the last decade OIWW built short-term, full-care projects in predominantly Hindu Bali, and a three-year full-care program after the Tsunami in predominantly Muslim Aceh. Our project in Manado offers both full-care and family-care sponsorship opportunities (here). It is expanding to add both mentors and academic scholarships for orphans.


Africa: Madagascar. Orphelin at St-Paul of OIWW-Madagascar, just outside the capital city of Antananarivo, began as a school offering tuition-free classical musical education, organized locally, which has just built its orphanage opening this fall. It sits on a solar-powered campus. Our Malagasy orphaned children in Full Care and those enrolled in our Classical Music Education Program will both be in need of Sponsors.

Thirty biological orphans are now being identified for whom sponsors will be sought. They are being selected with an emphasis on equal male-female ratio, as per OIWW Global Standards. These children will move into the full care residency this fall where they will be given the best possible care, including complete classical music instruction. The home is designed to be a loving and respectful.


The Americas: Haiti. Fifty children have been identified for OIWW’s Family Care model under the direction of our local director, a registered nurse. Another fifty students are enrolled in OIWW’s College Prep Leadership Training Program (sponsor here). These high school graduates serve as Mentors to our orphaned kids. Finally, we have another one hundred students at a local school who became orphans after the earthquake and no longer have parents to pay their tuition. We have created a scholarship fund for them (sponsor here).

OIWW has been active in Haiti since 2000. I just completed my 22nd trip there this month. Before the earthquake, we were most engaged in the wake of Hurricane Jeanne in Gonaives.


The new website carries videos of celebrities such as Jay Alexander of America’s Next Top Model and child-soldier-turned-rap impresario Emmanuel Jal whom Orphans International Worldwide has give our 2010 Global Citizenship Award for Leadership in Helping Humanity.

J. Alexander, Fashion Expert. “Hi, I’m J. Alexander, better known as ‘Miss J.’ from America’s Next Top Model. We have all seen the crisis in Haiti and everyone must come together now to support the children impacted by this disaster. I congratulate OIWW for their work in Haiti and internationally helping orphans by raising global citizens.”

Emmanuel Jal. “It’s an honor. I am accepting this award on behalf of those children who have no voice. The best investment one can make is to invest in a child. Go on now – Haiti needs your help!”


Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, Royal House of Rajpipla, India. “I congratulate all for being a part of this unusually necessary initiative. It’s time we realize that our morals and values are no longer just confined to our own homelands and religions.”

Ambassador Giulio Terzi, Italian Ambassador to the U.S. “Thank you OIWW for this precious award. I am honored and accept it with great humility, not for what I do, but for what my country does to help orphans. For Italy’s long-standing commitment to children in need. From child soldiers to children working in slavery to abused youth, where this happens in the world, Italy is ready to help.”

OIWW supports the orphan program of former child-solder Emmanuel Jal founded in the Sudan, GUA Africa, as well as children’s projects in India and Afghanistan.


Originally published in The Huffington Post, August 23, 2010.

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