From Jamaica: Struggle as Motivation to Impact World

Oshane V. Richards  2020 Luce 24 Under 24 Award Recipient
Caribbean Maritime University

To provide an environment through which all aspects of youth development
can be maximized and actualized, thus influencing and mentoring
young men and women to become well rounded and committed to
life-long development. Aiming to enrich the experience that fosters
growth through education, volunteerism, mentorship, talent development
and other activities that will facilitate the development of youths in Jamaica.

– Oshane V. Richards

Kingston, Jamaica. The main result from failing consistently is experience. Failures bring forth experiences needed to garner success. This can only be achieved by using our experiences gained along life’s journey with fruitful and positive actions.


Success is not just a mere word that is used to describe great achievement, success is also a mindset. It starts from you conceptualizing theories and thoughts and in turn put these concepts into practice. Your body will always want to give in but your mind is way stronger than your physical self.

Irrespective of the hardship and obstacles being faced don’t let your mind be in disarray. Use these struggles as the motivation to do better and achieve success. As for me, my purpose is to impart knowledge and life hacks by using my experiences and innate creative traits to impact the world in a constructive manner, like many leaders before I have done.

Oashabe Richards - A

It is said that only one thing is sure for an individual when he/she grace this earth and that’s death. I beg to differ; success is also inevitable. Inevitability occurs when something so monumental happens it evokes change. It is now of critical importance that young men and women stand up for more than the norm. In such a time of diversity and inclusion through the advent of globalization, young global leaders are at the forefront of the eminent change this world needs.

The toxic norms within society has changed the worldview of young men and women growing up across the over 200 countries. As a result, many young people have turn to external elements to find solace, 9/10 times the activities they engage in are not to the benefit of their future selves. These are solid reasons why young global leadership is critical in this time. Not only for us a demography but for the generations to come.  

Many will say becoming a leader is a difficult or deem leading others and self as an undesired passion, that will never come to fruition. Though that maybe true, we much take in consider, irrespective of how daunting our lives and society gets the sun shines brighter in the morning. A fully conceptualized vision can become a dream for many. Most of us strive to see the day when young people accept the fact that we are the future.

Throughout the world, from the Caribbean Sea to the Indian ocean people are facing systematic oppression, poverty, racial abuse, lack of adequate access to health services, corruption, chaotic political regimes, among myriads of other adversities. In this time, it is imperative that global leaders are natured, influenced and facilitated in every way that is possible.

Today, young global leaders must be capable of connecting people across countries and engage them to global team collaboration in order to facilitate complex processes of knowledge sharing across the globe. Firstly, young global leaders must acknowledge how critical it is to let our voice be heard by ourselves, those in our environs and ultimately the world around us.

As young people we can no longer wait on the generations before us or our elders to affect the change we would like to see in our societies. Young men and women of this world we have and must be the change our future change will be evoked and thus inevitability will be achieved. Believe in your capabilities.


This is very reason I started CMU MOVA (Men of Vision and Action). An organization that is based on youth development, empowerment and mentorship. Using the knowledge and experiences of our members to influence meaningful change first on our own lives, second our environs and ultimately the world.

As a young leader I realized that youth development is paramount to a country’s future. Development comes through great aspiration for change and growth. I saw Men of Vision as an avenue that could be used to reach and affect change for young women and men in Jamaica. Since 2018 we have been helping students to become a better version on themselves, with the hope that one day, they will become the best version of the person they see when the look at into the mirror. It is through this medium that I saw how much young men and women were passionate about advocating change and helping the less fortunate.

This vision that I had, now has transcended into a dream far greater than I could imagine. From a conjured thought to a vision that is shared by many. It takes initiative and action orientation to step up to the plate and do the right things, but it is necessary. Young global leaders must take the initiative to use their influences positively and creatively to assist young men and women who are struggling to cope with this world and the toxicity it brings.

We should not wait until we are prompt into leadership positions, we should create these positions by provoking ourselves into action that those around us may benefit from. We must envision change, consistently defying the laws our reality. Focusing on the development of our peers, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Not everyone will have the same problem, not everyone sees their problems as problems even, but as leaders we must never let circumstances dictate our decisions, we must become visionary facilitators and never stationary procrastinators.

The actions we take today will determine our future, in this time of technological advancements and social media, the word of change can be disseminated around the world by young global leaders, incrementally affecting the mindset of humanity’s future, because the youths are the future. 

57066193_1690553714422604_6928772685086326784_nA delegation from the J. Luce Foundation’s partner, The Caribbean Maritime
University of Kingston, Jamaica, attended the leadership conference in Ohio. 

Across the world, from Indonesia to Mexico City, from Australia to United Kingdom, from Jamaica to Nigeria, I know there are many young men and women who willing to assist in positively using their knowledge and experiences to affect incremental change on themselves, their environs and ultimately the world. A change that no other generation has aspired for before, one that will reignite the conversation of youth development, empowerment and mentorship.

The same is true, many young men and women around the world are living in literally war zones, some are child soldiers who were taken from their villages to fight in a civil war they have no understanding of. Teenagers and young women are being trafficked from lesser developed nations as sex workers in develop countries, many of our young teenagers are living on the streets of third world countries, living in state run garrisons used as political strongholds.

The traumas being faced by the youth have become societal norms and thus children are growing up in the failed system with the same mindset of those who came before them. This is why young global leadership is critical, as young men and women we need to ignite the flames of change.

Change is the word used to describe the process of becoming different or making a difference. It is for us to envision change, it is for us to envision that one day; one day all the discrimination, marginalization and stigmas attached to young people who are genuinely doing their best to positively shift the paradigm and create the world we envision within our minds. 

Oshane V. Richards

Shane is studying towards a B.Sc. Logistics and Chain Supply Management at the Caribbean Maritime University. He is president of the CMU Men of Vision Action Club, president of the Craig Town Youth Organization, served as vice president of Junior Achievers Jamaica, and was vice president of his high school Student Counsel. He is also a member of Lions Clubs International’s Leo Club. In 2018, he attended the Leadership Conference of Marietta College in Ohio.

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