OZART: Missouri & Arkansas Youth Artists Gallery WonderWorks Branson New Exhibit Featuring Local Youth Art

WonderWorks Branson-Keyiara-Thinking-About-Music

WonderWorks Branson-Keyiara-Thinking-About-Music

WonderWorks Branson announces the winners of its 2nd youth art contest, called OZART. The winners of the contest will have their artwork on display for one year in the OZART: Missouri & Arkansas Youth Artists Gallery, located inside WonderWorks Branson. Winners will also receive four complimentary tickets to WonderWorks so they can see their art on display in the gallery. This year’s winners are:

Abril, 3rd Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Dark Night

Adalynn, 3rd Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Crooked

Justice, 5th Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Fierce Eye

Kaedin, 5th Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Mountain Side View

Belle, 5th Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Tie Dye Eye

Harper, 1st Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Elle the Owl

Luke, 7th, Thompson Homeschool, Art Title: Welcome to Dogsville

Keegan, 3rd Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Rainbow Sky

Morgan, 4th Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Entitled

Keyiara, 6th Grade, Richland Elementary, Art Title: Thinking About Music

Paige, Kindergarten, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Cat the Splat

Serenity, 5th Grade, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: Underwater Aquarium

Stella, 5th Grade, Tuck’s Homeschool Academy, Art Title: All Alone

Mark, Kindergarten, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: I am Playing in the Leaves

“Congratulations to the art contest winners,” said Brenda Dent, general manager at WonderWorks Branson. “We love to be able to encourage young artists and put their work on display. Their artwork will enrich our art gallery for all to see.”

Through December 18, 2020, youth in the area were invited to submit their artwork into the contest. The artwork will go on display in the gallery on January 22, 2021. The theme of this year’s contest was “Time to Think,” which encouraged young artists to think and express their thoughts through art. Each artist focused on creating art that is unique in concept, design, and execution. All winning artwork will help to expand the illusion art gallery in a special section that has been created to highlight youth art.

Encouraging youth to engage in art comes with many benefits. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, youth that engage in arts do better in school, are more optimistic, less likely to try drugs, and have higher school attachment. Additionally, youth who engage in art tend to have a higher quality of life, reduced stress and make them feel more involved in the community.

“We are excited to put the artwork from these young artists on display,” added Dent. “Hopefully it encourages them and others to explore more art and express themselves in an artistic manner.”

Art contest submissions will be accepted again in the fall. In addition to the annual youth art contest, WonderWorks Branson offers STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities. They offer STEAM demos throughout, such as an egg drop, bed of nails and the art of origami. Other STEM-related programs offered include virtual learning labs, science fair partnership opportunities, science fun facts and hands-on experiences with each visit.

Additionally, there is a military section that honors those who protect and serve our country. This space highlights STEAM-related job opportunities in the military and showcases some of the technology used in the Army. This section includes interactive exhibits, military artifacts and a theater showing of a short film, titled “American Pride.”

WonderWorks Branson also offers group activities, facilities rentals, homeschool days, birthday parties, scouting days, and sensory days. Located at 2835 W. 76 Country Blvd, it’s the company’s sixth and largest location. Some of the exhibits include a bubble room, Professor Wonder’s adventure, interactive sandbox, illusion art gallery and X-treme 360 bikes. The fun indoor amusement park offers 46,000 square feet of family friendly engaging activities, as well as two cafes. They are open 365 days per year, from 10 am to 9 pm, with varying hours throughout the seasons, and when recognizing holidays and special events for current hours of operations, visit the website: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/branson/.

COVID-19 safety protocols being taken include reducing capacity, enhanced cleaning efforts, social distancing measures, hand sanitizer stations, employee health screenings, and employee personal protective equipment (PPE). Guests are encouraged to review all safety rules prior to their visit on the web page devoted to COVID-19: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/branson/covid-19.

Mark, Kindergarten, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: I am Playing in the Leaves

Mark, Kindergarten, Schofield Elementary, Art Title: I am Playing in the Leaves

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