Bringing Soldier’s Rescued Cats Back From Middle East

A s time runs out, Paws of War is calling on patriots to help bring a solder’s cats from the Middle East. Without the help of the public, Sergeant Etter will have to leave her two rescued cats behind that have become like family. Their future in an area that has been known to be harsh to animals leaves her worried about what could happen to them. Paws of War has helped many soldiers bring dogs and cats rescued overseas home to America after their deployment, and now they are on a mission to help bring these cats back home to safely live out their life with Sergeant Etter.

Photo courtesy of Paws of War
Photo courtesy of Paws of War.

“Anyone who has been to this area of the world knows of the harsh and cruel conditions that these cats could endure if they are left behind,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “We will do everything we can to bring the cats home for Sergeant Etter. We know we have the logistics to do it, but we need the public to help with the expense of making it happen.”

Transporting the cats from the Middle East to America is costly. It involves working with individuals on the ground, ensuring they have all their medical records and paperwork in order, and live animal cargo airfare is a big expense.

The base where Sergeant Etter is stationed is closing, cats were encouraged to roam the base in order to help keep the rodent population down. Doing this helps to ensure that the base doesn’t become a haven for venomous snakes that are after the rodents. One of the cats had kittens, which is where Sergeant Etter’s story with them begins. She found the two kittens, who she named Phantom and Mau, when they were around eight weeks old. They were hungry and neglected, and she was an animal lover so much that she had become a veterinary technician before being deployed.

Photo courtesy of Paws of WarOver time, she fell in love with the kittens and as they grew the three of them formed a lasting bond. They were a part of her daily life, keeping her company, and providing her with comfort and companionship. The base where she is at is closing, and she is devastated at the thought of leaving them behind. She is putting her trust in Paws of War, and the public, to help bring the cats back to America to be with her.

“Since we are far from home and have been there for each other constantly over the last several months, Phantom and Mau have really touched our hearts,” says Sergeant Etter. “They made us feel more like our best versions of ourselves whenever we would see them at the end of the day. I’m beyond happy that Paws of War is willing to help us save these two precious animals.”

To support the effort to bring Phantom and Mau to America, please make a donation at:

Paws of War provides a wide range of services to U.S. military veterans, first responders and their pets. Those who would like to learn more about supporting Paws of War and its mission can go online to:

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