Peter Reginato- The Unexpected

Is there a better image of the Manhattan iconic art scene than the artist loft?  The clean lines, solid backgrounds and targeted lighting are hard to beat.  That imagery says “art” to even the most untrained eye- we expect it. The exciting part is the “Unexpected”.  The original work by a master that puts the background where it belongs- as we saw last week at the new show , Unexpected, by Peter Reginato.  A display of bold color that drew the eyes and the admirers alike, a wonderful lesson that the artist of more than sixty solo shows can still surprise us.

Renowned critic and collector Simon de Pury and Reginato.

Renowned critic and collector Simon de Pury and Reginato.

Reginato himself is part of the iconocraphy of the NY art story.  His sculpture, Kingfish, resides in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and featured at the Whitney.  His enamels are no less impressive.  His collective work has long been recognized with known exhibitors such as Heid Cho and Adelson Galleries in New York as well as showing across the United States and Europe, with the most recent appearance at the Butler Institute of American Art.

Collector Edward Shufro clearly enjoying "Unexpected" with Reginato.

Collector Edward Shufro clearly enjoying “Unexpected” with Reginato.

We owe a thanks to Reginato for continuing to share his work with us and in turn Reginato must bow his head to the gallery directors at DZZone NYC for their exceptional presentation.  The work and presentation pleased no less than Simon de Pury, one of the leading collectors of the international art world and a man not easily impressed.  His approval is the blue ribbon and it is a tribute from one icon of the art world to another. 

This has been a season of division, especially in New York.  The vitality and continuity of Reginato’s talent is a bright light we can look toward.  We will hold out for more of the “Unexpected” from Mr. Reginato and his partners at DZZone NYC, Daniela Zahradnikova and Lynne Dominick (supporters of the J.Luce Foundation and Orphans International Worldwide) knowing they will deliver a critically supported performance again and again.

Designer and collector Michaela Cawley with friends.

Designer and collector Michaela Cawley with friends.

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