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New York, N.Y. An impressive event in its own right by all accounts took Manhattan by surprise Wednesday evening April 29th orchestrated and carried out to perfection by Ms Georgia Nomikos, president of the Orpheus Luxury collection. Who says you can’t pair luxury travel with goodwill and humanity?

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As Ms. Nomikos so ably proclaimed “In the words of the Great Socrates, we are discussing no small matter, but how we ought to live.”

One of the recently retired Greek Press counselors referred to Ms. Nomikos as the Female Zorba!!


This was the launching of a travel program, featuring Hellas and Cyprus initially, with other destinations to follow, aimed at raising awareness of philanthropic contribution through travel. By partnering with likeminded foundations and organizations, this collaborative effort highlighted the importance of giving back and the fact that our everyday actions need not be inconsequential. By purchasing exclusive itineraries under this program, Orpheus Luxury Collection will contribute a percentage of their traveler’s trip cost to a listed organization of choice.

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The violin melodies of Maria Manousaki opened an aesthetically pleasing program to an audience, of Consuls and Excellencies of both Greece and Cyprus, while live streaming background of the sacred Acropolis filled the room with light and energy from a glorious era!

What ensued were a series of presentations by the elite founders/ representatives of Manhattan society who talked about their causes. Inspiring, informational and at times very poignant, they put their charitable works forward. Education was high on the list of causes.

First to speak was Mr. Jim Luce, of the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation and Orphans international (OIWW) to tell us all about youth leadership and inspiring global citizens.

1973366_10153270778128828_272212356096621328_oJim Luce speaking at the Greek Press Office on the occasion of the
Orpheus Luxury Collection’s “Philanthropy Through Travel Initiative.”

Photo courtesy of Bill Massey.

Next a non profit organization that builds schools and empowers young girls in the Congo, followed by the enlightening speech of Mr. Nikos Petratos co-founder of the Hellenic Education & Language Program school in Astoria putting its case forward for why the Hellenic language matters.

An opera foundation supporting young singers and the darling couple of the evening, Ms. Barbara Meister and Mr. David Bender, had their own soprano graduate; Ms. Eleni Calenos performed mesmerizing   classical music  pieces without any musical accompaniment.

Last but not least, Ms. Lorraine Cancro-Silvetz moved the audience with an eloquent presentation of the fight the Global Stress initiative has undertaken to provide medication and treatment of our veterans.

A short video imploded on to the screen of the Sights and sounds of Greece and Cyprus to be experienced by traveling with Oprheus Jets & Yachts.

Finally, the reception of food, wine and Greek delicacies (such as “avgotaraho” authentic Greek caviar) that followed only enhanced the experience of an interesting and exciting evening.

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