Photo Essay of Bodh Gaya, India Where Buddha Became Enlightened

Bodh Gaya, India.  I am in Bodh Gaya, in the state of Bihar, India where Siddhartha Gautama obtained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.  I am a pilgrim following in The Buddha’s footsteps across eastern India and attending the gigantic Kalachakra here.  Bodh Gaya is a sleepy historic enclave of about 50,000 – swelled this week to what some have estimated at over 500,000 for the Dalia Lama’s Kalachakra.  One can almost no longer walk through the street due to the throngs.  My friends with me have shared their photos with me below.

The Buddha covered in garlands at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India.
Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Crowded street scene in Bodh Gaya where Japanese and Indian motorcycles are prevalent. Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya where the Bodi Tree grows. Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Fog from the cold, humid winter and smoke form cow dung fires and incense choke the town.
Photo by Vanessa Cabezas.

Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya. Beautiful flowers are as ubiquitous here as beggars.
Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Back of cart in Bodh Gaya. Transport includes auto and bicycle rickshaws as well as motorcycles
and horse-drawn carriages. Photo by Vanessa Cabezas.

Beggar with performing monkeys on a Bodh Gaya street. Photo by Vanessa Cabezas.

Goats and cows stroll the streets, although each belongs to a specific family.
Photo by Vanessa Cabezas.

Cow dung used for cooking fires dries on the walls. Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Girls sharing stories and doing laundry – a universal. Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Warning sign outside building in Bodh Gaya. Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.

Paul Goldsmith presents Hindu iconary used in public health advertisement.
Photo: courtesy Paul Goldsmith.


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Originally published in The Daily Kos, January 11, 2012.

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