Photography Trip to Cuba Next January

New York, N.Y.  Janis Lewin, who photographed Cuba for over ten years on a journey to photograph and learn about this fascinating island, has announced a photo trip to Havanna set for January 13-22, 2013. Because most of the trip is in the capital, there will be an emphasis on urban life, architecture and culture. There will also be opportunities to meet Cubans in their homes .

The trip will include presentations from Cuban photographers and other experts, meeting people at various sites, visiting homes and simply walking around to give the fifteen photographers the material and ideas they need for their own work.

Janis Lewin traveled to and photographed in Cuba for over a decade and has published and exhibited many of those pictures, as well as work from other locations. She is currently working on a project on immigration in New York City, as well as teaching photography.

This trip is open to all professional researchers who use photography in their work, be it a blog, a community or work presentation or a website.

The Federal affidavit that you will sign requires the following of participants: 1. that they are professionals in their field and the photo trip will add to their field’s knowledge base. 2. that they will be doing this full time in Cuba (which is true based on our itinerary, which we will abide by) and 3. that their research will have some public dissemination… ie. lecture on their findings, blog writing about their findings and trip, a book, a movie an opera.

More information on-line.  Limited to 15 participants.

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