Poem: Come Touch His Cheek

By Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.


This child of mine you stare at so,
Please come closer so you will know
Just who my child is and what I see
when those sweet eyes stare back at me
I see no limits to my child’s life
Although I know
It will be filled with strife,
I’m hoping that doors will open each day
I’m praying that kindness
will come his way
You look frightened?
You tremble with fear?
Come, come closer
touch him my dear
Touch his cheek so soft
so sweet
Be one of those people
he needs to meet
Someone who will look
and hopefully see
The skill, the talent
The ability
Please come closer
You don’t have to speak
Come a little closer
Just touch his cheek
And when you do
you will see
this sweet, sweet child
is no different
than you or me

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Gary Shulman
Gary Shulman, MS. Ed. was the Program Director of Social Services, Training Coordinator and Special Camp Fair Coordinator for Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc. for over 24 years. He recently transitioned from that position to the role of consultant/trainer on a private basis. Prior to RCSN, Mr. Shulman was the Special Needs Coordinator for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum for 10 years, a multi-sensory interactive learning environment. He began his career working with children with and without disabilities as a Head Start teacher for 5 years. Gary Shulman’s passion is bringing relief to families of children with disabilities as well as to the professionals who support them. His workshops are informational and inspirational. Through an interactive format, participants are taken on a journey of discovery. They will learn about all the various programs and services that make life easier when caring for a child with a disability and be motivated to think about their needs, wants, wishes and dreams and how to move toward the realization of those dreams and wishes.

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