Poem – Tablature

Color - New

Latin lachrymae

dactylic entablature

hearty Icarus


Daddy did him in

Daedalus damn near killed him

dear demented boys


Such unwieldy toys

Sweet young girls smile through it all

Wizened women weep


and such are the tears

such utter and total pain

sustains aged demons


Sing until you’re hoarse

Cling cleave colonic embers

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Sharon Stern
Born 10/2/45, I style myself the first Baby-Boomer. Brooklyn, NY born and bred until age nine when sudden loss of auto-locomotion sparked my relocation to a small town (1st hospital, then apartment) where I room with my third cat Scout. Bachelors in English Lit., 1976, written 1,940 poems to date + numerous memoirs, personal essays, short stories. I tutor on demand.

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