Pursuit of Happiness: Brazilian Painter Fer Caggiano

New York, N.Y. Fer Caggiano was nominated as a Soho International Artist of the year in 2003. Although she was a student at the Art Students League at that time, she was invited to present her work at the prestigious Agora Gallery in New York City. Her artistic talent and creative paintings were already on the rise in this city of artists.

img_2668Close up of Shells at Tods Point, Greewich, CT by Fer Caggiano.
Photo by Susan De Rafelo.

Fer was born in Brazil and currently lives in Sao Paolo with her toddler son as a single mom.  Even though she has only been in the United States for two years, she gained a huge reputation and showed her art in multiple sites on the east and west coasts. She then moved to London and continued her successful art galleries. It allowed her to expand her success from America into Europe and Australia. Curious by nature, she noticed a lot of artistic techniques during her wanderings around the world, and practiced using various cultural inspirations in her works.

img_2517Central Park Lake by Fer Caggiano. Photo by Susan De Rafelo.

After Fer spent 4 years at a Buddhist Monastery, she returned to her native place in Sao Paolo. She studied sacred Tibetan arts and became devoted to decorative paintings. Since 2013, she has been invited to participate in solo and group exhibitions, TV shows and South American art books. Custom murals are the main subject of her works in Brazil, but she is also gaining ground with her original success and love, oils.

fullsizerender-2Sailing Yacht by Fer Caggiano. Photo by Susan De Rafelo. 

Fer was born to be an artist. What drives her to keep working and drawing is simply a feeling of “happiness.” Her motivation is her affection for arts, which makes her pleasant. She says, “I’m only happy when I am working on art.” More importantly, she wants to convey her joy and inspiration to other people through her paintings. Her pursuit of happiness is not only for her own satisfaction, but also “to make other people happy.”

img_2674Sailing at Sunset by Fer Caggiano. Photo by Susan De Rafelo.

However, she also faced lots of obstacles as an artist. Of these, financial issues and time management were biggest problems to deal with. When she started her work as an artist, painting did not guarantee any material benefits even though it took her a lot of time and effort. In addition, being an artist is not only about making a creative masterpiece. It requires a lot of extra work such as building social networks to increase sales. She mentions that it is definitely not easy to undergo this pile of hardships, especially for beginner artists.

img_2671Riverside Yacht Club by Fer Caggiano. Photo by Susan De Rafelo.

Fer gives her affectionate advice for future artists based on her own experience. According to her, although there might be some challenges and discouraging moments, it will eventually get better as long as we do not give up our dreams and passion. She gave up on painting once in the past, but that was one of the most painful moments in her life because it couldn’t stop her passion towards art at all.

img_2665Brooklyn Bridge by Fer Caggiano. Photo by Susan De Rafelo.

I learned an interesting side note about Fer’s work from Susie De Rafelo, one of Fer’s dear supporters who showcased her art in a recent event. Most of the sailing yacht photos, which Fer’s paintings were based off of, were taken from the yacht Rocinante, which is owned by Marty and Ron Weiss of Stamford, CT. Ron is the co-author of the new-released book “Greenpeace Captain: My Adventures in Protecting the Future of Our Planet” with his colleague Peter Wilcox. Peter is actually a captain for Greenpeace, and he had been incarcerated for three months in a Gulag by the Russian government for his peaceful anti-whaling activity and got freed after worldwide protests against Russia.

Who is Susie De Rafelo? Susie is the founder of Hands In Organization. Through her organization, she offers international connections for artists who are talented but having a hard time finding fair trades. She also ensures the artists that they are economically fair and sustainable in their culture and environment.

Susie says that everyone has been enjoying Fer’s pieces. The price range of her work is accessible which allows younger or first time buyers to own pieces. Serious collectors are also happy to make the investment in her paintings. Her initial values following the prestigious SOHO Intl Artist of 2003 were highly respected. Since her return in 2016, prices have been climbing, $900 in March now translates to $1,300 in October for a similar work. Smaller works such as Greenwich at Night for $375 are available to anyone, while the $1,300 Brooklyn Bridge is a fantastic price for a piece of that size and intricacy.

Fer still paints every day. She visits the U.S. frequently with extended stays in Fairfield County where she works as a muralist for interior designers and an expanding group of private collectors. In this mixture of cultural and technical experiences, Fer has left creative fatigue and life changing moments in this world of art.

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