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Bihar, India. The Lotus Charitable Trust was founded in Bihar, India 2018. Located above Calcutta (Kolkata), Bihar is the poorest province of India. The Trust’s Mission is helping the unfortunate, especially the most vulnerable of the poor, our children. #LotusCharitableTrust #Bihar

IMG_9107Lotus Charitable trust Board Member Sanjay “Santosh” Suman in the office.
Photo: Stewardship Report.

In 2019, the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation India was formed towards Raising, Supporting and Educating Young Global Leaders. #LuceFoundationIndia

77308866_2557018084531525_4956083640413978624_nJim Luce signing papers in the Bodh Gaya office. The Dalai Lama
is an inspiration to the foundation. Photo: Stewardship Report.

Towards this end, land was acquired and construction begun of the Lotus Free School, with two temporary classrooms built and another five under construction. Currently there are 75 students in grades 1-6, with another 75 ready to enroll upon completion. 25 of these children are orphaned. #LotusFreeSchool

IMG_9106Children of the Lotus Free School are from a poor village comprised of
what used to be called “Untouchables” (Dalit). The school offers them
a ladder out of poverty. Photo: Stewardship Report.

Nirvana NPO Japan has provided instrumental and generous support for the school since inception. #NirvanaNPO #JapanCares


In 2020, on additional land acquired by Luce Foundation India adjacent the bodhi tree underneath Lord Buddha sat following enlightenment, the Saraswati Luce Leadership Centre India will open. #SaraswatiCentre

The Luce Leadership Experience begun in 2016 will come to India at the end of summer, 2020. #LuceLeadershipExperience

The Experience has brought Young Global Leaders from around the world to visit orphanages, refugee camps, senior centers, and locals from the elite to the masses. #YoungGlobalLeaders

Many city, state and national governments have acknowledged our youth with leadership awards. #GlobalLeadership

Countries visited or to be visited include #Greece, #Indonesia, #Jamaica, #Haiti, #Israel, #SriLanka, and #Thailand.

The New York Global Leaders Lions Club, founded in 2016, provides support of service efforts around the world including all projects enumerated above. #LionsClubs #Service

Orphans International India, to be a subsidiary of Orphans International Worldwide in New York, will register with local officials in 2021 to provide both full-care and family-care; small homes for orphaned children and stipends to extended families who are able to provide homes. #OrphansInternationalIndia


Wikipedia acknowledges work done by Orphans International following the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 and the earthquake in Haiti in 2005. In addition, this organization operated children’s programs in the #DominicanRepublic and #Tanzania, As well as the information provinces #Bali and #NorthSulawesi. #OrphansInternational

2019 Autumn in India Series


Orphans International Worldwide (1999)
“Raising Young Global Leaders”
www.orphansinternational.org (2010)
FB: www.facebook.com/OrphansInternationalWorldwide
IG: www.instagram.com/orphansinternational
NYT: First One Orphan, Than Many More (Luce, 2007)
NYP: Tsunami Saint – NY’er Opens Heart & Indo. Orphanage (2005)
Wiki: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orphans_International

The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (2009)
“Supporting & Educating Young Global Leaders”
FB: www.facebook.com/LuceFoundation
IG: www.instagram.com/lucefoundation

The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness (2010)
YT: www.youtube.com/stewardshipreport
FB: www.facebook.com/TheStewardshipReport

Luce Young Global Leadership Initiative & Lions Clubs (2014)
FB: New York Young Global Leaders Lions & Leos Club (2015)

Luce Leadership Experiences
2021 – Israel: www.facebook.com/2021-Young-Global-Leadership-Experience-Israel
2020 – India: 
2019 – Jamaica: www.facebook.com/JamaicaLeadership2019
2018 – Indonesia: www.facebook.com/IndonesiaLeadership2018
YT: J. Luce Leadership Experience: Indonesia 2018
2017 – Greece www.facebook.com/HellenicFund
YT: J. Luce Leadership Experience: The Ideals of Hellas (2015)
 J. Luce Leadership Experience 2017: Hellas, Greece (2017)

J. Luce Foundation India
FB: www.facebook.com/LuceFoundationIndia
FB: https://www.facebook.com/SaraswatiLeadershipCentre

Haiti Fund for Orphan & Education Fund (2000)

Indonesia Orphan & Education Fund (2000)

Manjushree Tibetan Orphan & Education Fund (2015)

Sri Lanka Orphans & Education Fund (2010)

Videos – Orphans International Worldwide
Vimeo: Orphans International Dominican Republic (2004)
Vimeo: Orphans International Haiti (2005)
Vimeo: Orphans International Indonesia – Manado (2008)
YouTube: Jim Luce Interview: Origins of the Foundation & OIWW (2014)
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YouTube: OI Sri Lanka – Unawatuna & Kathaluwa
YouTube: Orphans International Sri Lanka (2006)

Videos – J. Luce Foundation
YouTube: Introducing The J. Luce Foundation at NYS Assembly (2017)
YouTube: The Many Faces of OIWW & the J. Luce Foundation (2015)

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