282+ “Random Acts of Kindness” in Honor of Grant Bauer

Marietta, Ohio.  On September 5, 2015, The J. Luce Foundation announces the launch of The Bauer Fund, in honor and memory of Grant Michael Bauer, son of Dr. William M. Bauer, his mother Mary Ella, and sister Madison.


Grant, aged 25, passed away one year ago today from an act of suicide. Grant touched the lives of many people during his quarter of century of life on earth. He was passionate about reading, music, movies, education – and, like his father, the sport of competitive swimming.

Grant’s sister Madison (“Maddie”) told us:

My brother was my world, my role model, and my best friend. Who wouldn’t want a role model that made his priority helping others, even if it meant giving up his last dime? Grant had an infectious smile and presence about him that could light up an entire room. I find peace remembering all the memories we shared and joy he brought to others. I am beyond grateful for the foundation of the Bauer Fund in memory of Grant because I cannot think of a better way to carry on his legacy than to help others.


The focus of The Bauer Fund will be to provide microgrants, scholarships, stipends or research monies to assist young adults with mental health issues or developmental delays. The program will also provide impetus for promoting kindness around the world by assisting people with endeavors to make the world a better place.

Award recipients will be announced on Grant Day (September 5th each year). We hereby designate “Grant” Day to stand for “Genuine Respectful Actions Never Terminate.” This day around the world will be recognized with Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s).


Bill Bauer requested his friends to perform Random Acts of Kindnesses over Labor Day Weekend 2015. Over 1,000 acts have been recorded, from helping turtles across the road to buying dinner for a homeless family.  In all, 282 of which may be found below.

This is, for the record, the longest piece ever published in The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness, the communications platform of the J. Luce Foundation.

  1. Took my elderly neighbor a meal. She was so happy said she hadn’t had a home cooked meal in a long time!
  2. Helped an obviously physically challenged, elderly NYC woman up a curb, across the sidewalk and into a store. She blessed us all the way into Rite Aid.
  3. Spent the evening with my son, telling him about your son and your request. I was proud when he told me he had given his “extra” chicken sandwich (he always orders 2) to a man that was on a street corner, holding a sign. The previous day he had given $20.00, all the money he had, to a woman at the gas station that needed gas and had no money. The world can’t be all bad when our young people understand the importance of service to others.
  4. Saved three kittens from being euthanized! One of the kitties found a home and the other two will be up for adoption in 2 weeks.
  5. Helped a hurt child.
  6. Volunteered to give a senior pictures for his senior football banner. He probably wouldn’t have any and this is his first year playing football and he played the whole JV game.
  7. Encouraged a girl to go back to school.
  8. Took lunch to my neighbor and her son and daughter-in-law.
  9. Helped two seniors find items they needed at The Giant Eagle store.
  10. Called my elderly great aunt just to talk and tell her how much I love her.
  11. Passed up two parking spaces close to the entry of the grocery store just to let people behind me have them!
  12. Took my father-in-law to lunch.
  13. Ran into someone who was down and slipped them $20.
  14. Assisted a lady at the grocery store who wasn’t able to reach something on the shelf and I took it off of the shelf for her and put in her basket.
  15. Surprised all of the kids in my pre-k class with a surprise every day this week.
  16. Showed our new neighbors, who have a small baby, the gate in our yard that goes to a vineyard where they can safely walk with their baby.
  17. Paid for a car wash for a young couple today at a gas station. They were thrilled.
  18. Spent the afternoon with my mother and took her a pie to share!
  19. Connected with a disabled high school classmate via Twitter. I always admired his spunk.
  20. Helped a lady at the store reach an item on the top shelf… I do that often when shopping, but am amazed how many of my friends have heard about ‘Grantspeed.’
  21. Delivered cakes to people who were sick and shut-in.
  22. Surprised a friend on her birthday by delivering a special birthday cake.
  23. Wrote thank-you cards to all of my teachers/aides who work with my main three blind students on my caseload. They really go above and beyond and wanted to thank them for going the “extra” mile.
  24. Helped look for and find a scared dog of a neighbor I have never met until today. The look of finding his pup was somewhat overwhelming.
  25. Sent your message around the world. I pray that we continue to category RAK, Grantspeed, my friends!
  26. Bought coffee for friends, told them the story and asked them to pay it forward. God bless you, Dr. Bauer.
  27. In the busy E.R. last night, getting x-rays of my foot. When the Tech finally said they had a room for me, I asked her to give it to the fellow who was sitting next to me in the lobby so sick and vomiting. He was miserable. I waited it the lobby for the next room. Told her the story of Grant.
  28. For our contribution, my kids and I picked up litter outside Washington playground yesterday.
  29. This year, I’m going to continue this RAK until ‘Odd Socks Day,’ an Australian awareness day to stomp out the stigma associated with Mental Health (www.oddsocksday.org.au).
  30. Paid to fill up someone’s gas tank today specifically because when I was sixteen I drove to Marietta for swim practice and didn’t have enough gas or money to get home. Grant had me follow him to a gas station and he filled up my tank to make sure that I was set for the rest of the week. I wanted to carry on the generosity that Grant showed to everyone he met.
  31. Made a surprise visit to my mentor who I know was struggling this week to be a friendly face in a time of sadness.
  32. Did something special for my mom!
  33. Purchased items for the food pantry… In honor of Grant and the love his life has inspired.
  34. Did something for a lady who was crying because she was missing her brother who passed away two years ago. Thanks, Coach, for the reminder to be kind all the time!
  35. My three-year old gave every sucker she got at the parade today to the fourteen-month old beside us because that is the only candy his mom would let him have. She loves them too, so it was really cool that she did that.
  36. Took first step to patch up a relationship with a family member… Your pictures have me in tears. So beautiful. Thanks for this.
  37. At Wendy’s before work, we were talking to an older gentleman who was celebrating his 89th birthday! When we left, we paid for a small chocolate frosty for the cashier to give him when was finished eating… hope he enjoyed it.
  38. Had a long conversation with the person sitting next to me on a flight yesterday… they needed to talk and have someone listen. This is a great challenge you put out to honor Grant.
  39. Attended a classmate’s Father’s 91st birthday Fish Fry today. I was able to add to his celebration with balloons, card, and monetary gift. Also helped with the frying of fish.
  40. Purchased two people’s meals at Bob Evans.
  41. Made a donation to the Luce Foundation in Grant’s honor. Love to you, Mary Ella and Maddie.
  42. Helped an elderly women at Walmart load her groceries into her car and returned her cart for her.
  43. At Burger King this evening, I paid for the person in line behind me. These are things that may have meant more to me, than they did them. Thank you for opening our eyes to the kindness this world needs. #Grantspeed.
  44. This guest at my hotel had been at the hospital all day with her family after driving up from South Carolina, so I sat with her for an hour. She told me how her mother was “mean as a rattlesnake.”
  45. Handed the guy in the toll booth on the memorial bridge a book of tickets. Saw the reaction of the person behind me and she paid for the next. #‎ActsOfKindnessForGrant
  46. Talked with my daughter about doing something charitable rather than exchanging gifts for Christmas. I have donated to various programs, but my favorite is the Arc of the Mid-Ohio Valley. God bless and hugs!!
  47. Told a friend who suffered a loss to count on me to listen, be available, just to sit quietly holding his hand while he remembers… even when I am not in the same room.
  48. Paid half of a young person’s college tuition for one semester and no, it wasn’t my daughter or my son-in-laws… and I paid for another student’s book… I know this investment will bring about something good for someone else in the future!
  49. Gave a mom a CD with pictures I have taken of her son who is on the football team. She could not afford to pay me to do this, so I did it for free! She was so happy!
  50. While shopping at Dollar General tonight, I paid for the lady’s items that were behind me. She thanked me and I explained I did it for Grant.
  51. Paid the airfare for a young man so he can come back to Marietta College for Homecoming.
  52. Sent a bouquet of flowers to someone working at Marietta Hospital  as today was her last day.
  53. Gave a little $$$ to a homeless guy on the corner today. I usually prefer to give these guys a meal or toiletries, but I only had time to give a little cash.
  54. Adopted a therapy dog to serve seniors. Thank you for giving me the push I needed.
  55. Took time to tell each student in the third grade how proud of him or her I am – and how I know that they are going to learn so much this year. I tried to make each student understand how special they are to me.
  56. My husband drove up to the Cleveland area to help someone.
  57. Checked my neighbor’s house and took their mail and paper while they vacation for the next few days…
  58. Took my neighbor across the street some home grown tomatoes!
  59. Made a very unplanned trip home last week to celebrate my only living aunt’s nintieth birthday!
  60. Forgave a $ debt owed to me in Grant’s honor. May we all live in peace! God bless you Bill!
  61. Took a young mom my grandson’s toddler bed, a bunch of clothes, and a doll I had purchased second hand from a client (after washing and drying them because she doesn’t have a washer and dryer).
  62. Arranged for my daughter’s classmate to come to our house after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays so she can get to the basketball practices she has been missing due to her mother’s night schedule.
  63. Paid for someone else’s dinner at Da Vinci’s last night. Grantspeed!
  64. Paid for a student’s tuition at Ohio State University.
  65. Paid for a student’s tuition at W.S.C.C.
  66. As we passed the toll bridge, we asked the lady to pay for the next five cars. She said she would and let us go across without paying for doing that.
  67. Those of you who knew Grant (or have known me a while) know how hard I took it when Grant died last year. It had a deep impact on all of us. A year later, I’ve continued to try to help raise awareness about mental health issues, especially depression as it has been an issue on and off throughout my life, too.
  68. Asked everyone to honor Grant’s memory this week and weekend by doing a random act of kindness and spreading some love, just as Grant often did.
  69. Paid for two high school boys’ breakfast this morning.
  70. My son saw a fellow classmate that didn’t have the money in his “lunch account” to purchase an extra treat. Not wanting to have that classmate go without, he used the rest of his lunch account money to buy a second entrée that was special and gave it to him. His school called, wanted to make sure this was okay and I explained what he was doing… they loved it!
  71. Paid for groceries for person behind me…. Then told them to pay it forward for Grant because kindness matters.
  72. Did two acts kindness, one at groceries and one on phone.
  73. My grandparents go to McDonald’s every morning at the same time for breakfast. This morning I showed up early and pre-paid their breakfast. I then saved their favorite booth and waited.
  74. I have been helping a person who is blind do art, paint. Being the eyes for a blind person to paint. Letting this soak in, I have been truly humbled. Not only can one person make a difference, one person does. You just have to look at it and slow down to soak it all up.
  75. Washed gently-used stuffed animals to put in the personal vehicles of volunteer firefighters and first responders. These are for children that may be frightened because of an accident, injury, or just witnessing something scary.
  76. Sat down with an elder woman, 95, and had coffee with her to listen to her life story… She told me Grant is a lucky man.
  77. While driving today, I made a conscious effort to stop and allow others drivers to merge into traffic.
  78. My daughter came home from school and let me know that her best friend has joined in on this project. They had lunch with underclassmen who didn’t have a group to sit with and made them feel welcomed and one of the “cool” kids.
  79. Paid toll for car behind me on the Belpre Bridge
  80. Although today was a trying day for me, I discovered that my purposeful bits of kindness perked me up along with the people they were directed towards. Did many small things.
  81. Bought these beautiful, bright flowers at the farmers market this morning and on my way out placed them on cars to share the joy they brought me when I first saw them.
  82. At the local McDonald’s, I saw a mother tell her two boys they would have to share because she didn’t have enough money to get what they wanted. So I paid for their meals.
  83. I cautioned a lady walking her dog at rest area when I was traveling about ugly thorns (goatheads) in the ground cover that can easily hurt the paws of dogs, as they have our own.
  84. Please to hear tonight that my son paid for his co-workers lunch in memory of Grant.
  85. My husband helped someone out of the ditch today.
  86. Hugged everyone and told them how much they meant to me…
  87. Went to Dunkin Donuts to get iced pumpkin coffees for my opening staff and paid for the two cars behind me. Hey, it all starts with coffee… More to come!
  88. After telling my sister about Grant, she gave the lady behind us $10.00 in Kohl’s bucks.
  89. While on vacation, I’ve been giving my tickets from skeeball to little kids so they can get prizes.
  90. I will always remember working at ARC Camp with Grant. What great memories! Today, I am on a mission to put smiles on kids faces #ForGrant, I’ve dropped off a box of food and extra school supplies to our local food pantry.
  91. Taught someone to use the waffle machine at the hotel breakfast room. This won’tsave the world, but he was happy.
  92. Bought a stranger breakfast at the hospital. The look on his face was thanks enough! Love doing stuff like that… Thanks for getting others on the train.
  93. Gave a quilt that I made to a lovely woman I barely know. She’d had a rough couple of months and I thought she might enjoy a warm gesture. Her thanks and smile turned to tears when I told her why I was doing it. Compassion always wins…
  94. Took clothes to Goodwill and Salvation Army.
  95. Teaching my children to do random acts of kindness – and it is starting to rub off. When they help each other clean up spills or do other little jobs, or even help each other learn to read. Nothing is more precious than seeing a struggling first grader read her short book to a Kindergarten child. How great for both!
  96. Spent all day baking so that I could bring goody trays to the vet up the road, the nurses at the hospital, and the nurses at the birth center. More tomorrow.
  97. Bill, I worked with you on many occasions making children and adults with disabilities better. I would like to thank you because even though you may not have known, you influenced me. It’s my goal to continue working for others to make their lives better.
  98. Brought a case of water bottles for the band kids for tonight because they were going to have to walk door to door as a part of the annual fund drive that we do every year. This year I thought I would bring cold water for them. They seem to appreciate it.
  99. Random, small act . . . Took neighbor who doesn’t drive to get a truck load of boxes he needs for his move This seems to be moving me in the direction of a “moving” helper.
  100. Paid for the car behind me at the Dairy Queen drive-thru and they did the same for the car behind them!
  101. Gave away cups of the coffee to random customers throughout the day – and made sure they know why I was doing it. As you and I discussed… ‘people first!’
  102. Saw a young man walking with his hands full of laundry and offered him a ride to his apartment – it was 90 degrees out! It only saved him two blocks of walking in the heat, but he really appreciated it.
  103. Gave my neighbor a can of wall primer from my finished project so he could use it for his upcoming one….
  104. Gave a kid a hug and helped him to realize that we can mess up and still turn our day around.
  105. Learned more about trying to help reduce youth suicide for a possible magazine story.
  106. Held the door for more folks than usual.
  107. Smiled and said hello to many folks passing on the sidewalk. Little little things. But inspired by your message, Bill.
  108. Bill, thank you for Grant Challenge. I had a BLAST today! I paid for the person behind me breakfast at McD’s drive through. Through out the day, I went out of my way to smile and make eye contact with individuals, holding doors open, etc.
  109. Took the neighbor to dinner and shopping
  110. I always drive by Ewing School on my way home. Yesterday, there was a car trying to get out of the Ewing parking lot, but no one on the busy street stopped to let them out. So I stopped and let them out. Then I smiled, thought of you and your son Grant.
  111. Pinky promised with a young student to help her not run away from school when she is frightened or upset.
  112. Donated some pizzas to some Ohio River Sternwheel volunteers…
  113. Picked up others’ trash on the sidewalk because, in a way, it’s not just theirs,
    it’s ours – if we are living with it, so why not pick it up?
  114. Helped a woman change a completely blown out tire on the side of the road. First act of kindness for Grant was a complete success! She asked what she could do to repay this good deed and the only answer was to pay it forward.
  115. Stopped and helped this little guy  — a turtle — across the road this morning.
  116. My son, totally on his own, picked a little flower at the last minute before he got on the bus this morning and gave it to his bus driver. I know it really touched her. I could hear her exclaiming. “Thank you so much, Buddy!” clear up on my porch!
  117. On vacation, I did an act of kindness for a family with one son at a coffee shop in Campinas, Brazil in Grant’s name. God Bless!
  118. I bought a homeless man dinner.
  119. Grant did this for homeless people when we went to Hawaii. He just bought them Vienna sausages (that’s what they wanted). But he got paid then walked to Longs in Honolulu bought bags of Vienna sausages and distributed them. I never met the people he gave them too but I do remember one person named Uncle Bill. Kolu? Remember?
  120. I was on my way to a meeting today when a friend contacted me asking if I could transport chairs to her house I had a small window of opportunity to switch vehicles, pick up her chairs, deliver them to her house and still get to the meeting on time It became a fun challenge and it worked!
  121. Paid for someone’s laundry that forgot his or her quarters. Thank you for this idea to honor your son’s memory! There isn’t a day that I don’t think about him!
  122. Spent the day with my 93-year-old Mom taking her shopping, lunch and mowed her yard. What a wonderful tribute to your son. Pay it forward…
  123. With tears in my eyes and gratitude in my heart for you in my life, dear friend..
    What a touching tribute. Will “Grant” this kindness wish!
  124. Actively listened to a friend in need when no one else would.
  125. Making plans to make a tiny book library – like a little birdhouse to keep books in for the kids across the street at the middle school. We’ll build it this weekend, so I need to know Grant’s favorite colors to can finish it.
  126. Sent a couple goodies to a friend having surgery tomorrow.
  127. My friends’ dog passed away this morning, so I took them to the pet funeral home for the cremation as they don’t drive.
  128. My class is now doing this too. I spent the day telling every child something positive. Not just the usual, I really talked to them to make them feel special.
  129. Helped the neighbor jump his car because his battery went out in the night.
  130. My daughter’s best friend locked her keys in her car so my daughter went to pick her up and called AAA and stayed with her while they waited (her friend didn’t have AAA).
  131.  bought breakfast to bring in for my co-workers tomorrow morning as a thank you for all they have done. Thank YOU for all you have done for me.
  132. Helped a disabled man get a 12-pack of pop off the shelf at the grocery store, and put it in his cart.
  133. Bought my coworker lunch and paid the toll for the person behind me today at the memorial bridge. Thanks for the reminder.
  134. Bought the guy’s dinner behind me in line tonight, #ForGrant.
  135. Started today by picking up some goodies for a friend recovering from surgery, and I plan to do more!
  136. My friend donated money to one of her student’s today for their Greek philanthropy. She asked me to post it on here for her, #ForGrant.
  137. Bought coffee for the person behind me at Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. #ForGrant.
  138. Tutored a high school student who has disabilities.
  139. Told two different people in traffic that they had no brake lights, which is dangerous for them and hopefully helps save an accident now that they’re aware.
  140. Smiled and said ‘hi’ to people I don’t know every day… it might just make their day a little brighter.
  141. Sent flowers to a friend who had surgery yesterday!
  142. Watched two girls for a family whose middle child was ill in the hospital. While the mom was in hospital with the middle daughter and the dad was at work, I watched their girls for four weeks, helping at their home.
  143. Cooked a meal for neighbor recovering from surgery and also took my city dogs out to the country to play!
  144. Went to the local coffee shop this morning and paid for the next three people behind me in line. Also bought someone else groceries this morning.
  145. Sent an email thanking my nephew’s fifth grade teachers and got them each a $5 gift card to Whit’s.
  146. Got a scooter for an elderly woman at Target today
  147. Listened to a neighbor who has problems and helped him sort through a week of problems, then gave him a ride to his family as his vehicle was out of commission.
  148. Made copies of terms for a student at the learning center I work at on the weekends. She didn’t have a copy of them so I took the time to make the copies for her
  149. Made a class at my Crossfit gym with kids with conditions such as autism and Down Syndrome. I am showing their parents that these kids are able to do everything and be able to be as strong and competitive just like the other children. It only takes a little bit of more love.
  150. Paid full tuition for a struggling friend to WSCC for this semester.
  151. Bought lots of coffee and fast food (yuck) for many…
  152. Called two people who I know have lost children to suicide just to connect with them. (That was hard).
  153. Baked for a friend and then ran a couple errands for a neighbor who was feeling overwhelmed.
  154. Helped my sister’s boyfriend clean his fish tank for 3.5 hours, instead of my sister having to do it.
  155. Volunteered to bake cupcakes for a cookout my sister was going to.
  156. Cleaned the entire house for my mom, as she has been having personal issues and needs extra help.
  157. Paid $20 for a family’s dinner behind me in line at McDonald’s, and when the cashier asked why, I said just pass it on for Grant.
  158. Held the door open for several people and I helped some one move in below me the other night. Pass on the kindness for Grant…
  159. Paid someone else’s electricity bill when I paid mine.
  160. I’m a hostess at the galley and when I picked up servers books from their tables to give it to them I would put an extra dollar in it.
  161. Paid for another couples’ breakfast today at Cool Spot… Thinking of you and Grant… glad I got to be on planet Earth the same time you were…
  162. Helped a woman change her tire on the side of the road, taught a coworker how to run Quickbooks off the clock, tipped my bartender $25 for every year we had Grant, and paid for a little boy’s breakfast and gave him $10 and told him to do the same for the person who comes after him.
  163. Here are the emails I got from my family with their lists.
  164. Helped several patients find their appointments. The place where I work huge and very confusing, and patients often have a hard time figuring out where they’re supposed to be.
  165. Helped my coworker with fixing the grammar in her PA school application, and made sure everything she was sending out portrayed her in the right light.
  166. Volunteered so stay late Thursday night at work as well so a coworker could be home in time to go to her grandmother’s birthday, even though it was her turn to stay.
  167. Let a women go in front of me in line in the grocery store. I’ve tried very hard the past few days to let people in front of me when they’re driving (even though I hate doing that).
  168. Signed up to volunteer at a clinic near where I live, although I haven’t heard back from them.
  169. Brought food to my grandparent’s house and helped them set up their new computer, as well as help out in the garden.
  170. Hope these aren’t too lame: let a woman with two small kids go ahead of me at the post office and I helped a couple older people get carts out at the grocery store.
  171. Donated money for the Syrian refugees to two organizations.
  172. Helped an elderly woman carry objects to the checkout at an estate sale…
  173. Let people in ahead of me every chance while driving.
  174. Made an extra effort to hold doors open for people.
  175. Made cookies to welcome the first year class;
  176. Supported a friend by attending a concert he organized and supported the musicians extra by buying their CD’s.
  177. Donated money to NPR, keeping Grant in our hearts – and will continue to use his memory to prompt us to make the world a kinder place.
  178. Tipped the girl at McDonald’s drive through $5, and yesterday I made donation to Doctors without Borders for their refugee efforts in Grant’s name. What a loving tribute!
  179. Paid for a friend’s dinner on Friday night for your act of kindness challenge.
  180. Re-homed a dog! I can’t afford many days like this, but dig the concept! Will keep paying it forward!
  181. Tipped very freaking well, and I sent money to the J. Luce Foundation. Ya done good, Bill! Keep it up! People are smiling at ya and down at ya!
  182. Picked up my three little nephews from school and their babysitters – and we had a Pizza and Brownies Picnic on the family room floor while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks!
  183. Sent a bouquet of his dad’s favorite flower on his mom’s birthday…
  184. Put purple streaks in my bff’s hair and painted her nails so she could show her team spirit for her son’s college football game!
  185. Bought a bowl of soup at Bob Evans and the server was just so friendly and outgoing that I left him a $30 tip on a $6 bill. So amazing what you’ve inspired people to do Bill. Wish the world was filled with more people like you.
  186. Called to a friends house to unlock her front door so the emergency squad could get in her house. She could not stand up without falling and thought she was having a heart attack. Waited with her until squad came, called the person in charge of her medically, and was meet at the hospital. Then, returned to take her dog out to pee and locked up her house.
  187. Held the door for a man carrying a bunch of tomatoes, I know it seems minuscule…
  188. My husband and kiddos bought cookout dinner foods and goodies to my mama’s house for a nice evening in!
  189. Spent a few minutes on the phones with a young lady struggling to stay clean. I hope I helped her… it helped me. I’ve been sick, but my children brought over all the fixings for cookout.
  190. Opened my house and heart to my daughter and her family. Not much, but I will do better when I feel better
  191. Took a basket full of clothes for donation today. All our love from Michigan!
  192. My random act of kindness in honor of Grant: when I stopped for my morning coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts I gave all my change to the soul working the window, she had been at work since the early hours. Here’s to hoping she was able to buy herself lunch and relax after a long shift that started way too early!
  193. Paid for someone behind me to get out of a parking lot and truly listened in a conversation for which I could resolve the person’s issues (hooked them up with someone at O.S.U.).
  194. Thinking about Grant today as my daughter and her friends sorted clothing at the Methodist Free store for five hours in remembrance of Grant – and then we helped a homeless guy today with money and support he needed.
  195. I’m saddened by the loss of your son, but celebrate the extraordinary way you are honoring his life. I’ve always emphasized random acts of kindness to my children, but yesterday, I asked them to do them in honor of your son (I told them you were a high school friend, who I especially enjoyed helping give swim lessons to older adults –yikes, we’re about their age now — at the YMCA in Marietta. My son is attending grad school in Atlanta. There are many homeless people around his campus. Yesterday, he gave a homeless man lunch. When I was at the grocery, on Thursday senior citizen day, my high school daughter helped three elderly people by unloading their carts in the checkout line, and helping them take their groceries to their car… one lady wanted to tip her, but my daughter asked her to pay it forward.
  196. Gave a free newborn photography session and photograph prints to a financially struggling friend of my oldest daughter. I won’t be taking the photographs for a couple weeks (awaiting the baby’s arrival), but I offered yesterday, so I hope it counts.
  197. Took someone who has a food stamp card shopping for paper products and pet supplies, which the card does not cover. They are a good person, just fell on hard times unexpectedly.
  198. Dropped a card in the mailbox of my neighbor this morning with some cash and a food gift certificate. She struggles financially. Honoring your sweet son and his many acts of kindness.
  199. Today a person I find very annoying contacted me. I invited her to be in the parade with me, then took her out for lunch afterwards. You know what, she wasn’t so crazy after all. Thank you for reminding me to be kind.
  200. Hey, Dr. Bauer, after seeing your post and thinking about Grant, I remembered how no matter what, if someone was having trouble, he would go to them and talk. Whether that was at 3pm or 3am, he was never too busy for a friend. This week, I decided to take one of my friends out for coffee because I know she’s having trouble this year. It cost me a few bucks, and about 45 minutes of my time to help her, just by listening and asking questions about her. It took next to nothing on my part, but it allowed me to help my friend, and I feel closer to her because of it.
  201. Helped someone find a lost piece of jewelry.
  202. Paid for the person behind me at Chick-Fil-A today in memory of Grant. I went to high school with him at M.H.S. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  203. Dr. Bauer… You don’t know me, but I knew your son. It was only a short while, but I feel blessed to have known him for that short time. Grant was an amazing human being. I just left Walmart in Marietta, where I left some cash to pay for a purchase, and this letter to hand out to the customer with their receipt. I will be doing the same here shortly at the gas station and the Dollar General by my house. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  204. As you know, Grant was very dear to me and one of the things he taught me was to always push people until they reach their full potential. He also taught me to dig deeper into each of my students. So my acts of kindness have been just that: reaching out to current and former students and continuing to dig deeper and push them harder. I want to thank you for issuing this challenge as a special way of each of us to remember just how special he was and is.
  205. Baked an apple pie and took it to someone who is grieving the loss of their loved one.
  206. I was at the supermarket yesterday and realized a man was following me. At first I was scared and finally asked him what he wanted. Turns out he didn’t know English so I threatened to call security if he didn’t stop following me. Since that didn’t stop him I confronted him again and used sign language to communicate. It became apparent he didn’t have money and wanted to buy bananas as he was hungry. After thinking about it I decided to pay for some groceries. I understood this is what he wanted because he went along with it and started picking groceries with such happiness just like kids pick out toys at toy stores. I ended up paying around $60 but felt so good at doing this act of kindness. I realized I would rather do this than give money where I wouldn’t know what it would be used for. May you continue to walk the path of peace and may your son continue to brighten your every day.
  207. Bought a random elderly couple lunch today – they were so surprised, confused and happy.
  208. Helped a deaf individual get a new bed at Gospel Mission. He was thrilled and they are a blessing to our community.
  209. Spearheaded a small group selling t-shirts for our team in the fight against cancer. I know Grant is smiling at your pay it forward idea!
  210. Dr. Bauer – we’re not Facebook friends (and you probably don’t know me), but I knew Grant. I wanted to say thank you for giving so many people an opportunity to honor his memory. This isn’t much, but yesterday I took a few family photos for some tourists in town. I want to try to keep doing random acts of kindness every day. Thank you for the inspiration.
  211. Last night I was able to help a friend financially and I did it with your request in mind. May you find peace in all these actions.
  212. Today I will take a friend who is struggling to their first AA meeting.
  213. I have spent lots of time thinking about acts of kindness. Since my Joe passed away I decided it was a better use of time thinking about others in bad times. I take time to send cards, I go to funerals, and I visit the sick and take a meal to my sweet aunt and uncle every week with Alzheimer. Everyday I spend time praying for others. I talk with nine other widows who need me at different times. I don’t do it so anyone sees; I do it because I am earning my home in heaven where I hope to see my sweet Joe again.
  214. My job is working with special needs children. I get the most wonderful feeling making even a small difference in someone’s life that is struggling. My point is acts of kindness can be everyday of your life.  Thanks for making many people think about others. Sorry for your loss Bill and family.
  215. I re-posted your request for random acts of kindness for your son. I then took my babies across the street to visit a recently widowed neighbor. I (think) she enjoyed the company! In honor of Grant. Sorry for your loss.
  216. Paid for a lady’s breakfast. Donated to a foundation and gave extra thanks with a tip today for great customer service at Arby’s…
  217. A friend of mine lost her husband named ‘Bob.’ She says that twice a day his name appears on the clock, ‘808’! So, every time I see 808 (BOB) on my clock, I send him and his family a prayer
  218. Stood at McDonald’s in Wal-Mart after work and paid for ten people’s food. #Grantspeed. Love you coach. You’ve always been my second dad!
  219. Paid for a meal behind us in McDonald’s on the way to Marietta tonight, earlier at school today, my son got the highest color (behavior reinforcement) in his class because he helped another student with some reading (the teacher emailed to inform me of this).
  220. Tonight at Walmart, my mom complimented the cashier on her smile and the cashier said she needed to hear something positive because she’s had a really long day.
  221. Your random acts of kindness idea is a great one! My son and I are participating and find it to be a learning and bonding experience! Thanks for putting the idea in so many peoples minds!
  222. I was out for a drink with my boyfriend and there was an older man at the end of the bar. I told the waitress I wanted to take care of his tab. She said what’s your name? I said I don’t know him. She said, oh, you’re paying it forward . I said yes and smiled. #ForGrant.
  223. My friend runs a local news source in Marietta. I told her about your 1,000 acts of kindness and she wrote an article to help spread the word across social media. Check it out https://www.facebook.com/clutchmov/posts/602071143264441.
  224. Helped a woman who couldn’t see to find her bus. She was waiting for it and couldn’t figure out when it was coming, because the audio times (read for the blind) weren’t working correctly at the bus stop. I helped her get on to the right bus.
  225. I did my first act of kindness this morning when I brought in the garbage cans from the curb for my landlord who has a bad back. As I did it I said a prayer for you and your family and that you reach 1,000 acts of kindness! Thank you for the act of kindness behind you honoring and remembering your son in this way.
  226. Spent time listening to the grouchy woman at the pharmacy. At the end of a ten minute rant, she smiled at me and told me how glad she was that someone listened to her bad day, that it made her day better. Sometimes all we need to do is stop and listen.
  227. Took myself to a new restaurant that just opened around the corner that has been mostly empty. Got to meet the owner and it turns out he lives just a few doors down from me. He told me about his father’s dream to have a restaurant and the restaurant is named after his dad. Sometimes all we need to do is stop and listen.
  228. A friend from Michigan saw my share of your post and helped a woman who had just been in a car accident, and staying with her until her daughter and an ambulance arrived. She posted this on my page… sharing with you… RAK is spreading!
  229. Dropped by the bank today to deal with overdraft. Chase lady reversed fees to my credit when she saw I worked for a non-profit… I told her about your request and why – and how I would let you know about her kindness. She got very emotional…
  230. Grief is a deep and profound journey and I love that you are celebrating your son’s life in it! I donated backpacks for boys and girls filled with special items to our local domestic violence shelter. They will be given to children who come into emergency shelter with literally only their clothes on their back.
  231. For your count: paid for a meal, extra ticket on the toll bridge, donuts for co-workers, ran an errand so a co-worker didn’t have to after work, took my kids to see my aunt who always asks, but I never do. This is an awesome request and outreach.
  232. Provided healthy snacks for the students in my class that didn’t have one this week. My second-grader made a bracelet for a girl in her class who doesn’t have friends to play with. We will continue our acts of kindness all year in honor of your sweet boy!
  233. Spent time talking to an elderly neighbor lady who is very sad and lonely.
  234. My act of kindness was to take a friend who couldn’t drive to a doctors appointment. I thought about your beautiful boy today and I will do more acts of kindness in his memory.
  235. Sent a card to my aunt whose going through a rough time. Took in the neighbor’s trash cans. These things I’ve been putting off but your challenge in Grant’s memory spurred me to get busy!
  236. I work at a hospital and stayed with a patient after our therapy session just to chat. He’s an elderly man who was distraught that he hadn’t had the chance to see his grand kids today, and he just appreciated having someone there with him.
  237. Thinking of your family.
  238. My neighbor and I went to Huck’s Market and purchased four dozen cookies for the staff of Putnam Elementary in honor of your son!
  239. I think this is a wonderful tribute to your son. I paid the toll for a few people behind me.
  240. Dr. Bauer, for my act of kindness, I helped an elderly man load mulch.
  241. In honor of your son, I paid for my friend’s meal this morning. I will keep messaging you with other RAKs.
  242. I took Thursday off work to drive a friend without a car to an important appointment. Thank you for this. I hope your weekend is full of love!!
  243. I was at the gym at the Y and there was a lady who seemed to really be struggling finding her fit in the gym. Heard her saying that she had a bad knee, etc. I spoke to her and briefly said, if you need any help with the machine settings to let me know. She came over a bit later to ask a couple of questions which I answered… I would not be where I am today without and someone pushing me to become successful at the weight loss. I trained her yesterday trying to show her and tell her things I wish someone had told me prior to my surgery. I am on my way shortly to the gym to work out with her again. It was so fulfilling to see her smile at her accomplishments no matter how small. I hope to see her through her journey and her change of life.
  244. Hosted a street cookout so our neighbors can get to know who actually lives on the street.
  245. Bought a bottle of water for the high school volleyball official after a long night of officiating.
  246. Gave a stranger, new to the area, a TV and DVD for their small child after she mentioned she couldn’t afford to buy one for her.
  247. Gave someone waiting my parking spot today on campus.
  248. Bought flowers for my secretary that is battling cancer, brought breakfast for the person behind me at McDonald’s, and fixed my wife dinner all in honey l honor of your son.
  249. My friend’s daughter’s birthday is coming up on the 15th of this month. This will be her first birthday in heaven. After talking to my friend and getting her blessing, I organized a pink balloon release and lighted paper lantern release on the evening of her birthday in her memory. My friend is suffering greatly, but these little things will help her heal, even just a tiny bit, every day.
  250. Adopted a classroom here in S.E. Texas in memory of your son. These kids will have all the things they need for a new school year. Thinking of Grant!
  251. I will tell you that to pay for the man behind me today was totally out of my comfort zone. I almost didn’t do it. He looked kind of scruffy and I wondered what would he think? But maybe he was low on money. He did holler ‘thank you’ to me when I pulled out on the road.
  252. Random act of kindness in honor of Grant: I paid for the drinks of the car behind me at Stoked coffee today! Thinking of you, my friend!
  253. Sent a check to a family where father and son are battling cancer.
  254. Helped two friends today that are struggling! Thanks – it is easy to go about your life without thinking of others.
  255. Hey, Dr. B. – wanted to give you my random act of kindness for the day. I paid for the lady behind me in line at Starbucks this morning on my way to work.
  256. I also work at a high school where no teacher has his or her own room as we rotate and share. Another teacher that works in my classroom has had these posters sitting on her chair for two days in hopes of having time to go all the way to the other building to use the laminator. Today, before school, I laminated all of them for her! She was so excited! Her face made me miss Grant.
  257. Bought one of her first-graders a pair of shoes. His had holes and the metal rivet around the shoestring opening was so worn it cut the child’s leg when he sat cross-legged. Mark of course said yes she came and got the money that night to go buy the shoes.
  258. Mr. Bauer I don’t know you, you probably don’t know me. I saw some friends shared your post about doing something nice for someone. I was very moved and wanted to thank you for making this world a better place. We all could use some more kindness towards one another. I for one definitely could say good morning and have a nice day more often. I just wanted you to know I’m gonna try my hardest to be more positive.
  259. Today as I drove across the toll bridge to take my daughters to cheer, I paid it forward with $3 to pay toll for the next few people. On the way back, I had another $2. I was sort of disappointed that the car behind me was a Mercedes, turns out he took the other lane. I hope that it makes someone happy.
  260. As a family, we sent out a care package today to a little girl that is in the hospital with a brain tumor. We found out about her through friends and have not been able to get her off our hearts, she is only four years old. We sent all kinds of goodies her way today!
  261. I went for my haircut today and had a new lady who is a single mother of three girls and was talking about some of her struggles so I left her an extra nice tip!
  262. My husband manages a bank and counseled a veteran on his finances even though it was after hours.
  263. Helped an old lady load her groceries at Wal-Mmart Rain doesn’t scare me
  264. A lady was struggling to get her child who was in a stroll in through the doors at my gym! So I ran up to her and held both doors open while assisting her her get the strolled through the double doors…
  265. Volunteered for this adaptive baseball program at home. One kid came up to me and gave me a big hug – made my day!
  266. Took you up on spreading kindness and donated money to http://opendoorartstudio.org. It’s an art studio in Columbus for adults with special needs. This seemed like the perfect time to give something to such a great group and thought it would be something Grant could get behind.
  267. I have a 29-year old with mental illness living with me now a year. I got his state I.D. renewed today, initiated passport paperwork, got him a reduced fee membership at the YMCA starting today. Now getting an account at the credit union.
  268. Rescued another small doggie a few weeks ago and made a donation towards an animal rescue agency.
  269. I was very touched by your status and bought coffee for two people in line behind me this morning and plan to do more things this weekend.
  270. It’s not much, but I handed an old man standing on the corner $5. His sign read: Homeless. Looking for work. He looked at me and said God bless you. In honor of Grant.
  271. Last week, through a random act of kindness, I ended up with an extra dollar, which I tucked away in a separate pocket, praying that, although a small amount, God may provide me with a way to do good with that dollar. I’ve carried it around, waiting for the opportunity, and today after I saw your post, I found the perfect opportunity to donate the dollar to a fundraiser. It’s a small amount, and likely won’t make a difference, but to me it means something much more. God led me through an act of kindness to that small blessing, and called me clearly through your words to seek an opportunity to pass it on. I am praying for you. God bless!
  272. Your sharing has helped me to reach out to my ex-relative.
  273. There was a lady trying to pay for her food with her food card but it wouldn’t go thru. There was a line of people behind her, including me. I went to the other lane that opened up because of this lady holding up the line, paid for my lunch, took out my food EBT card – and then paid her $142 grocery bill. I’ve been in her place before…
  274. Helped someone study for a chemistry test.
  275. I’m currently in the hospital for some rehab. I am helping some of my fellow residents with things they may struggle with, such as opening a dressing pack or can of pop. I also will try to speak to some I haven’t and talk to some that may need my ear. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your son.
  276. I was going through my local car wash. and noticed a man digging through the dumpster there. He was rustling through the bags, trash, bottles, etc. He would stop when he found anything that he could eat. Half eaten sandwiches, pop bottles with a little left. It was the saddest thing I have ever witnessed. Who would have thought in my small town? So I went directly to my local fast food place and bought him something to eat. I hurried straight back and gave him the bag of food and drink. You would have thought I gave him the world. I gave him a little cash and a number to a local church shelter that could help him. This made me open my eyes to the world right around me. I hope this is the kind of thing you are talking about. God bless you and your son.
  277. Neighbor has cancer. Had his ear removed and 45 rounds of radiation. Nicest neighbor ever. Also loves to care for his lawn. It is the best grass on Fifth Street. Because of his illness and treatment he was going to let the grass die since he was not well. I could not let that happen. For Grant, I will continue to water his lawn to keep it green. I know this makes him happy. I will also continue to be creative and make foods for him to eat that are easy on his GI system. This… #ForGrant.
  278. I’m in a pediatric psychiatric unit with a relative who is helping others…
  279. Having a son of my own, I simply can’t fathom what you must be feeling. But, as always, you find a way to bring a little inspiration or hope to someone else. Just wanted to let you know I took a little extra time with my son this morning before heading to work and took part in your request and bought a small book of toll tickets to pay for the next few vehicles. Thanks for the inspiration.
  280. Paid for some people I know on hard time to bowl since it’s the one night away they had from the real world. I don’t want my name in lights – just knowing I care more about people’s little things in life than what’s going on in mine.
  281. Paying it forward…. My daughter and I gave lunch to the guards in our compound. We also donated furniture to a friend of a friend in need.
  282. Gave a special gift to an out-of-town relative in memory of Grant!

One friend wrote, “In respect to your son and your loving memory of him, I would like to challenge everyone to slow down and make a conscious effort to be kinder to everyone daily. Have a little more patience with the person driving slowly in front of you. Hold the door for someone. Just smile at people and say ‘hello.’ It doesn’t really take much effort to show a little kindness that may change someone’s day or outlook. I am sure most everyone does these things without thinking. We don’t always know what the other person is going through. But if we continue to lead by example, who knows what the results may be and where it will all lead. Kindness is contagious! Thank you, Bill Bauer for making us more aware of RAK and starting this challenge.”

Finally, a young person wrote, “Dr. Bauer, I never had the pleasure of having you in class, and I never formally met Grant – but I did want you to know that the impact his legacy has made has stuck with me. I struggled through high school and some of my time at Marietta College with suicidal thoughts and so his story hits home to me. I have personally witnessed how a simple act of kindness can prevent someone from deciding to take their own life and so I am so moved by the movement you have started here in memory of Grant. My RAK this weekend has been to utilize my Facebook as a means to spread word about the national foundation for suicide prevention (I will be donating $1 for every ‘like’ my post receives through tomorrow). Thank you for taking an unimaginable tragedy and turning it into an amazing legacy. You are a phenomenal person and I am honored to be a part of this movement.”


Tax-deductible contributions may be made The Bauer Fund on-line at http://tinyurl.com/k7qa4wj. Please note “Bauer Fund.” Checks may be made payable to the J. Luce Foundation, memo’d Bauer Fund, and mailed to 540 Main Street #418, New York, N.Y. 10044.

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