Remembering My Earth Creed, 1975

Definace, Ohio. I am of two worlds; brother to the everlasting Earth and brother to my own people.   I believe in no Gods other than the nature of the Earth and the Goodness of People.   I believe that what is right occurs only in accordance with the Nature of Goodness.


I believe that our Earth is home to my people, as they have risen from Her and will shortly return to Her.

I believe that my people are no longer one with our Earth as they have lost the knowledge necessary to understand and respect Her.

I accept the knowledge that within my lifetime I will be faced with conflicts great and small between Nature and Goodness, as I perceive both to be.

I hope that when conflicts between our Earth and my people arise, I will hold the strength, wisdom and maturity to decide of which I am part.

I further hope that I will never abandon my people to seek a oneness with our Earth alone, but instead devote my life to reuniting the two great FORCES, the everlasting Earth and my own people.

Note: I wrote this the high school summer I spent a month in   building paths through the forests of Northern Ohio with the Ohio Youth Conservation Corp, now part of the Corps Network.   The Corps Network represents the nation’s Service and Conservation Corps, operating in 45 states and the District of Columbia.   Over 30,000 Corps members, ages 16-25, annually mobilize approximately 227,000 community volunteers who in conjunction with Corps members generate 21.3 million hours of service every year.   Service and Conservation Corps are a direct descendant of the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, in which three million young men dramatically improved the nation’s public lands while receiving food, shelter, education, and a precious $30-a-month stipend.

Originally published in “Defiance,” Ohio Youth Conservation Corp, Defiance, Ohio, August 15, 1975.

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