Rescue CBD Launches Company, Donates CBD Oil to Help Calm Shelter Animals During July 4th Fireworks

Photo courtesy of Rescue CBD

Photo courtesy of Rescue CBD

Anyone who has ever been around cats and dogs when July 4thfireworks are going off outside know how distressing it can be for the pets. The unpredictable noises from the fireworks tend to scare pets, stressing them, and causing unnecessary anxiety. This holiday, many pets will get help keeping calm through donations of CBD oil by Rescue CBD. The oil will help keep shelter pets more comfortable, help take the anxiety away, and make for a more peaceful night in the shelter.

“The 4th of July can be incredibly stressful for a dog. It is even more so for shelter dogs that are living in cages where noises are already amplified,” explains Niki Dawson, executive director, Saint Frances Animal Shelter, located in Georgetown, South Carolina. “We are so grateful to Rescue CBD for providing oil to help our animals get through what can be a very traumatizing night for shelter dogs.”

Rescue CBD has donated the calming CBD oil to many animal shelters to help with the July 4thholiday, but they will continue to help shelters nationally beyond then by request. It’s estimated that there are around 6.5 million companion animals that enter U.S. shelters each year. That number tends to spike around the July 4thholiday, due to many frightened animals becoming lost.

“We are really excited about the launch of the company and in being able to help many cats and dogs this holiday,” says Brian Sperazza, co-founder of Rescue CBD. “The more people learn about the benefits of CBD oil for pets, the better off their pets will be, especially during days that would otherwise be stressful for them.”

The company has launched their line of high quality CBD oil, which is non-GMO, 100% organic, and solvent free. The CBD oil for pets is available for online purchase, with a portion of all sales going to support animal shelters. Unlike other CBD products manufactured for pets, Rescue CBD uses a nanotechnology, the scientific process used to create more easily absorbed particles of CBD that is backed by third party analysis lab reports. Rescue CBD ensures its products contain 0.0 THC (tetra-hydrocannabinol), the cannabis component that causes psychoactive effects, which can have lasting harmful effects to pets.

A developing area of research, there are a lot of promising benefits that are emerging from the use of CBD oil. Many report that CBD oil is effective in helping with a variety of chronic conditions, including stress, anxiety, seizures, pain, neuropathy, arthritis pain, inflammation, separation anxiety, allergies, autoimmune disease, and cancer. By acting on your pet’s endocannabinoid system, CBD can also disrupt the disease systems that are causing your pet pain and discomfort. For more information, or to request free oil for a shelter, visit:

Photo courtesy of Rescue CBD

Photo courtesy of Rescue CBD


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