Ritz Hotel Paris Woos Discerning Chinese Travelers

G lobal luxury companies are wooing wealthy Chinese patrons both in and out of China. Well-to-do Chinese are traveling more than ever and this group of travelers, who are showing their willingness to spend, can not be ignored. A recent Wall Street Journal article revealed the dedication and investment top hoteliers like the Ritz Hotel Paris will make to attract this growing Chinese clientele.

Ritz Paris sent its general manager Omar Acar to China recently to learn more about Chinese clients’ preferences so the Hotel can implement and improve services to appeal to them. Mr. Acar noted that Chinese travelers to France are increasingly more sophisticated. They will book their own travel including reservations to three-star Michelin restaurants. They know their wines with their food.

The Hotel has dedicated efforts to attract this all-important Chinese clientele. The Ritz Paris has become much more international, offering a Mandarin-speaking guest relations manager, translators, Chinese menus, and even done away with expectations for guests to abide by the “proper menu courses” allowing flexibility with cuisines without the fear of being frowned upon. Mr. Acar noted that luxury today is doing what you want, when you want it.

The Hotel is promoting a lot of one-of-a-kind experiences which can not be self-arranged. According to Mr. Acar, “Guests can stay in the Chanel Suite, where Coco Chanel lived for 37 years, and get a tour of her apartment. They can do a private macaron tasting at La Durée, or get a cocktail named after them and put on the menu at the Hemingway bar. It even comes with a gift of Christofle chopsticks.”

Chinese guests will spend. Mr. Acar observed that they are eager to buy luxury brands, generally limited collections ranging from watches to fashion and are keen for the hotel to find them. Of course, the Ritz will gladly obliged.

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