From Jamaica: Young Global Leaders Create New Global Perspective

Kingston, Jamaica. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal, while global leadership has been defined as “being capable of operating effectively in a global environment while being respectful of cultural diversity” (Harris, Moran, & Moran, 2004 p.25). 

Romaine Wallace - C copyOver the years, there has been an increasing need for youth to rise to the occasion in support of policies, opportunities and the social wellbeing of their peers in a sustainable way. There has been increased global activities which support the need for greater integration, not just in relation to government alliances but also in environmental protection and social development. 

Leadership is borderless and doesn’t subscribe to the notion of little to no impact on the region or international community. Therefore, it is important to appreciate that young global leadership is critical to understanding cultural differences, challenges of international diplomacy, international affairs while, exploring a future career, and gaining fresh, new global perspective. 

Globalization has changed the way how we do business and interact on a global level. Additionally, it increases the opportunities of interaction with people of different backgrounds, religious orientation and social classes. These interactions will shape our appreciation for the differences that exist. Young Global leadership and experience within the context of appreciating cultural differences is paramount to the future of global interactions and for generations to come. 

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It is through this medium that we advance our relationships in business and commerce as well as academic and scholarly opportunities. Being non-partisan and accepting of colleagues or partners regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation display the ultimate gesture of respect and will prove beneficial to those involved for a very long time. 

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Moreover, cultural diversity is evident worldwide and being able to lead and appreciate in this context is a big part of what the world needs today. Throughout my experience and appreciation of cultural differences, I have been able to readily connect with young professionals globally which have impacted my work ethic and improve my strength in various areas of my career. 

Importantly, there continues to be global challenges to international democracy and the impacts of not understanding what it means for us striving to become a global citizen. Our Institution’s way of governance is to be duly understood and held to the highest standards of accountability. As young professionals and young global leaders, this is critical to our advancement and transition to the highest levels of representation for our families, people, and country. 

In continuing, the young global leadership experience continues to chart the way for many, many of our future leaders have been exposed to new possibilities and new opportunities in various areas of our lives. Being able to represent your peers and advocate on their behalf cannot be overlooked as it through this, that we have experienced and come to acknowledge that young global leaders are emulated and respected. This is a testament to the various educational opportunities, endorsements and new jobs that have been made available to the capable and talented young global leaders annually. 

Overall, it is of importance to note that global leadership is of paramount importance to the development and enhancement of leadership. This is particularly vital as it relates to youth leadership as young people are representative of the future of the world. Now more than ever, youth leadership has to be instilled and honed in a concentrated and purposeful manner in an effort to ensure that the future world will be propped up by strong shoulders. It is also a guarantee that future leaders will be imbued by sound, strong minds and steady, steadfast hands.

Romaine Wallace

Valedictorian of the Caribbean Maritime University Class of 2018, Romaine served as co-director of the J. Luce Foundation Global Leadership Center of Jamaica.

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