SAVVY TRAVELER and Hollywood’s Hottest Buckle Up to Take Flight on Social Media for Sick Kids

New York, N.Y.  Over recent years, 90,000 flights and over 50 million miles have been coordinated for sick kids by the nation’s leading nonprofit health and welfare flight organization Miracle Flights for Kids. Now, SAVVY TRAVELER joins forces with celebrities and women across the nation to raise awareness and funds for low income children in need of out-of-state medical care, and the commercial air travel needed to get there.

Photo courtesy of SAVVY Traveler, Amy Paffrath, actress, photo credit Glen Lipton

Photo courtesy of SAVVY Traveler: Amy Paffrath, actress, photo credit Glen Lipton

Celebrities are taking of their make up, baring it all, and posting on social media to show their commitment to help SAVVY TRAVELER make miracles come true.

SAVVY TRAVELER offers a line of eco-friendly and convenient products that make travelling easy and helps keep travelers healthy. The on-the-go travel wellness line includes super sanitizing hand and body wipes, “No Sweat” antiperspirant wipes, extremely fierce surface wipes, “In the Klear” lens and screen wipes, foot safety shields, “Speak Eazy” mouth refresher wipes and the now famous “Take Offz” luxe facial cleansing towelettes.

Supporters of the campaign can give their face the clean getaway it deserves with “Take Offz” and when then post on social media that they will help a kid take off to a clean bill of health. Use  #TakeOFFZfortakeoffs when posting the video, and SAVVY TRAVELER will make a cash donation to Miracle Flights for Kids. Follow and tag @BeASavvyTraveler and @MiracleFlights like actress Amy Paffrath to help raise awareness and support these kids.

“It’s truly amazing what we can do together, and I am asking all women to come together to support our efforts to raise these funds. If I can take off my stage make up on national TV during a live HSN segment with “Take Offz” towelettes then so can you. Afterall, it is summer and we can go make-up free for a cause like this,” states Tina Aldatz, chief executive officer of SAVVY TRAVELER.

“SAVVY TRAVELER is honored to be a part of the Miracle Flights mission. We personally understand the difference that being in the right medical care makes.  Our goal is to not only raise funds through our sales but to create a continued global awareness and support for many years to come via our social and marketing efforts,” says  Margarita Floris, president of SAVVY TRAVELER.

Ann McGee, founder and president of Miracle Flights for Kids, shares, “Tina Aldaltz is an American success story and I’m excited about our new alliance with SAVVY TRAVELER; a partnership that will benefit sick kids around the world. Tina and her business partner, Margarita Floris, are not only smart and talented businesswomen, but they have hearts of gold. Their passion and compassion mirrors everything we strive toward at Miracle Flights.”

As the demand for medical travel continues to grow, McGee states, “We are confident that Miracle Flights’ bond with SAVVY TRAVELER will play an important role in our ability to help more kids get to the specialized treatment they desperately need.”

The partnership between SAVVY TRAVELER and Miracle Flight for Kids is the beginning of a global effort to highlight charities in need, and they need your support. So take to social media and shoot a video of you removing your make up with the SAVVY TRAVELER “Take Offz” facial towelettes to show your support… you may just save a life doing it.

About Miracle Flights for Kids ( Miracle Flights for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing free medical air transportation, via commercial airlines, to destinations across the United States from all points around the world. Now in its 30th year of operation, Miracle Flights has coordinated more than 90,000 flights and counting. For more information, to request flight assistance, or to make a donation, call (800) FLY-1711 (800-359-1711) and follow @MiracleFlights on Twitter.

About SAVVY TRAVELER ( SAVVY TRAVELER is dedicated to overall travel wellness while offering lifestyle components for both personal and surface use. They are high performance products that are individually packed in a disposable towelette form that remove 99% of surface contamination. SAVVY TRAVELER’S line of convenient, single-use, eco-friendly, disposable products help consumers carry all of their must-haves while they travel for a healthy, easy, on-the-go experience. Keeping travelers healthy for all their destinations! Follow @BeASavvyTraveler on Instagram or @BeSavvyTraveler on Twitter.

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