Scholarships Now Available for NYC Young Global Leadership Initiative

New York, N.Y. The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation ( Young Global Leadership Initiative (Facebook) was launched in 2016 as an enhanced Internship Program to empower young global leaders wishing to better humanity to think, write, speak, organize, and utilize social media more effectively.

The initiative consists of a 200-hour commitment professional training and development. Graduates may apply to become Sr. Young Global Leaders and mentor new Young Global Leaders. Many soon move into higher positions such as Staff, Board, or Global Advisor. The 2018 Summer Initiative starts on Monday, May 21 and ends in early September.


  • Complete 200-hour commitment with a minimum of four hours a week;
  • Attend at least four Global Advisor Seminars; and
  • Receive at least one certificate of completion of the following workshops: Videography, WordPress, J. Luce Foundation Toastmasters Club.


1. Global Advisor Mentorship Program. Young Global Leaders graduated from the Summer Initiative can sign up for the program to be mentored by a Global Advisor of the foundation. The mentor and mentee will meet or connect over the phone for at least one hour a month.

2. Global Advisor Seminar Series. Our Sr. Global Advisors will host a total of six hour-long seminars for Young Global Leaders on an area of their expertise. Young Global Leaders are required to attend at least four seminars in order to graduate from the initiative. Specific details about the seminars can be found under the calendar section.

3. J. Luce Foundation Toastmasters Club. We began over the summer 2016 a Toastmasters International Chapter within the Foundation to impart public speaking and leadership skills with our interns and other young global leaders, using The Toastmasters Communications Basic Manual as a starting point. Toastmasters Club workshops will occur twice a month on the second and last Wednesday of the month. Young Global Leaders are required to participate in at least five workshops to receive certificate of completion.

4. J. Luce Leadership Experience: Indonesia (Facebook). Summer 2018 includes a return to Sulawesi, Indonesia – home of Orphans International’s first orphanage – in conjunction with Queens-based, Indonesian-American organization known as “MAESA.” 2019 is also being planned with the Hon. Geneive Metzger Brown to Jamaica. Our first trip – J. Luce Foundation Leadership Experience: Hellas – took place in June 2017. Candidates for the trip are selected among our Sr. Young Global Leaders body through a competitive application process. The deadline for application is usually in March.

5. New York Global Leaders Lions & Leos Club (Facebook)We officially launched our Lions club on February 5, 2016 after three years of discussions. The club has 29 members and holds elections each April. Former District Governor Mr. Peter Pergolis is joining our club and will serve as Vice President. We now have access to 5,600 Lions members in New York City/Long Island. Members are required to attend at least one of our biweekly lunch meeting per month. Meetings occur on the first and third Wednesday of the month.


Young Global Leader can choose to lead a project and/or be part of the supporting team for other projects. The project leader will report directly to a supervisor who is a current staff or Global Advisor of the foundation.

1. Communications & Social Media. Coordinate newsletter, websites & social media

2. Database & Technology. Develop & maintain cross-platform CRM database

3. Finance/Accountancy. Process spreadsheets to track cash flow and petty cash

4. Journalism. Assist writing stories for The Stewardship Report

5. Photography & Videography. Assist taking, archiving, and editing photographs, as well as creating video content

6. Special Events. Assist in coordination of special events


Each workshop will occur on a weekly or biweekly basis to train Young Global Leaders necessary skills in writing, public speaking, videography, as well as advise them on career planning. These workshops will also assist Young Global Leaders in handling their assigned projects. Young Global Leaders are required to have at least one certificate of completion.

1. Career Lab. Work on personal Resume/Linkedin profile, tips for job apps/interviews

2. Videography. Basic filming and editing technique. Certificate of Completion available for successful completion.

3. Project Wikipedia. Coordinate/produce Wiki entries

4. WordPress. Master The Stewardship Report! Certificate of Completion available for successful completion.



Wed., Jun. 13 (9:00am – 9:00pm) New York State Capitol Tour and Visit NYS Assembly Member Hon. Rebecca Seawright

Tue., Jun. 19 (6:00pm – 7:00pm) Global Advisor Seminar: Entitlements, Aging Boomers, A Rising Superpower: Navigating America’s Rough Ride Through the 21st Century by Jay Townsend, political consultant.

Tue., Jul. 10 (6:00pm – 7:00pm) Global Advisor Seminar: Mindfulness by Dr. Alex Eingorn

Tue., Jul. 24 (6:00pm – 9:00pm) Luce Leadership Experience Bon Voyage Party

Thu., Aug. 23 (6:00pm – 9:00pm) Young Global Leadership Initiative Graduation Ceremony: “Building Peace in A Nuclear War.” Keynote speaker: Mr. Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute.


The program fee is $2,500 per person with scholarships available. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Please contact our Executive Director Chloe Hoang at (330) 234-2262 or by email at should you have any questions.

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Chloe Hoang
A recent Honors graduate of The College of Wooster with a major in Communication Studies, Chloe is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She serves as the Executive Director at The J. Luce Foundation, managing leadership training and development programs for Young Global Leaders age 18-24. Recently, Chloe receives a full-tuition fellowship for her Master of International Affairs in International Non-Governmental Organization at Baruch College.

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